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Newb question: What are the hotkeys?


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Hey guys. Running a nostalgia trip down childhood games. Downloaded the game, working my way through the campaign (pretty slowly), will probably get stomped in a few online games then move to RA and do the same (and move to Tiberium Sun and do the same).


I don't remember the hotkeys, and can't find them in options. But I see people talking about hotkeys in a few threads here.

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Alright, I played two games on the C&CNet Client, and still don't seem to have the hotkeys? Also, I won both games by rushing, the second player was kind of annoyed --- I'm guessing the meta here isn't to rush at all? I'm used to playing Starcraft mostly. Also, how do you chat in game?

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Which hotkeys? No matter what version you have, you shoud have the default ones: H for home, G for guard, etc.

In the cncnet version, you can open your conquer.ini and insert a [WinHotkeys] section, if it isn't already there. I think there was a chat command to do that. I also vaguely recall a GUI menu for setting them in the config tool. If not, you have to manually set them by entering some decimal values for your keys.

Cncnet's new stuff basically is that hotkeys are now remappable to whatever you want, and that you also have hotkeys for sell and repair (default T and Y, I think, scroll-wheel also works for sidebar).

Ingame you chat with F1-6, depends on how many players there are. Basically F# is chat to all, where # is the number of players. So if there are 5 players, F5 will be chat to all, while F1-4 will be private. Dead guys can only chat to all.

You probably played some noobs. Rushes are a staple and most regular players are hardcore.

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Alright, re: Hotkeys. I searched on the forums and found another thread from 2013 that said /install custom-hotkeys while in the C&Cnet chat. That popped up an error message. Anyone want to post me their ini set up here?

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There's no rule saying no rushing. It's normal nowadays you get hated because the opponent doesn't like the way you play, but I almost never see this kind of attitude in the C&C1 community so far.


As for the chat system, press the F1-F6 keys (depending the number of players in the game). See the topleft to see who you are talking to if it's more than 2 players, you can also chat with all. Enter !chat in the cncnet lobby for the explanation.

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Alright, re: Hotkeys. I searched on the forums and found another thread from 2013 that said /install custom-hotkeys while in the C&Cnet chat. That popped up an error message. Anyone want to post me their ini set up here?


A couple of the posts in that thread have reasonably default .ini setups included, so just paste those and figure them out. KeyAlliance=65, so 65 is 'a', 'b' would be 66, etc. Proper values can be easily found through google if you're not into extrapolating.


Here's mine, if you can't find the section in the other thread:










































My map bookmarks are 'w', 'e', 'd' and SPACE, team 0 is now team 'q' so it's closer to my main teams 1-5, and select view, which I don't really use, is 'z'. Everything else is default, IIRC.

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Hope you get those hotkeys working, would be good to give you a game sometime. Is your online name the same as your forum name?


If I play against Nod, I pretty much prepare for a rush, then scout, then go from there... I like to pressure if there's any opportunity and if I 'smell blood in the water' I mostly just finish the game. It probably depends on who you play against.


There are some tactics that are stupidly stong (not really balanced) that probably will really annoy people, mostly 4x apaches before strip, or an APC rush... the later I've learned to deal with, but there's some RNG involved, the apaches are ALMOST impossible to hold against, to stop it you have to spot their harv doing something silly (as it's used so that the apaches can attack their target), cancel the Weapons Factory, build 2 barracks and spam rocket infantry around your con... even then, you can actually still just lose if the harv manages to crush the infantry.

failure to respond IMMEDIATELY and pretty much exactly like I've written will result in a loss... it's easy to see why anyone but the top players (and even then) would just consider it stupid.


Other than that, it's all just a part of CnC, Nod's speed is how they operate, it's just the game.

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Thanks for the help. I did get them working.


I've played 5 1v1 games now, which is about my fill before wanting to start moving on to Red Alert One. I'd love to play a 6 way FFA, but it seems like all I see are 1v1's? When is peak server time?

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