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What is the max resolution supported for ts?


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I don't know the max, but it was increased not so long ago by some cncnet staff to support higher reso than the game used to by default...


I remember someone sending me screenshot of fores fires and you could see top left, middle left and top middle in one screen I believe.

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the game supports only resolutions up to 1920x1200 by default but i patched it a couple months back, the cncnet version should have no limit. BUT, the sidebar will stop growing if you go over 1200 height (still have to fix that)


Bittah had a nice screenshot of 4k TS, but I don't find it anymore. Here is a resized one:


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The only reason why there's a resolution is because the amount of cameo items in the sidebar is hard-coded, if the resolution is too high it will try to display too many. Funky added a check for higher resolutions to prevent that.

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Yo funk m8 can u post the screenshot u showed me on Forest Fires?  I remember it was so elite looking !


I have it on my other pc, but that one doesn't boot up anymore :D


Well, at least you verified I am not going crazy and remember correctly :P:D

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