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Reconcile is the best 1on1 map in the game


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I am here to give an opinion.


Today, I played the map Reconcile (created by Dylan) on CNCNet.

This map is simply amazing.

posted image


This map is the antithesis to what is Dune Patrol.

Dune Patrol is an extremely basic map where games are purposely meant to be one dimensional. Reconcile is an amazing 1on1 map where games can end in so many different ways. This is a perfect sized 1on1 map that allows soviets and allieds to have some advantages.

The middle features a derrick for each opponent which is cleverly blocked by a broken bridge and the cliffs (thus, making sure that one derrick is supplied per person). This map cleverly understands that adding an abundance of tech buildings is not a smart idea, but giving each opponent one tech building is good for strategy.


The bridge is the easiest way to get to the opponent, but it is broken, thus, a soviet rush would likely benefit from fixing the bridge, but that requires an extra engineer + showing your hand to your opponent.

The gems are not given to each person early which many maps do as a way to 'ease' a person into the economy of the map, rather, they are strategically placed in difficult positions on the map. This makes it very difficult to mine gems, but extremely rewarding. Games can develop where players are fighting and protecting the gem spots.

While there are many pinch points and easy spots to camp, there are so many of them that it makes it difficult to fully camp. Also, once you get through the bridges/pinch points, the base is wide open in an almost impossible to camp array.


This is simply an incredibly designed map that I think is the greatest 1on1 map in the game right now.

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Like heartland? Because it has grass and trees? lol.

Indeed it is pretty great map for 1v1's, theres several different builds you can do with both allieds and soviets. 


First I thought it's best to move to gems after warfactory, but after couple times of doing that it seemed that it's better to move to the small gem patch after warfactory and save the big gem patch for the very late game. 


Anyway the point is that there are quite a big amount of different things that can be done in this map, and it's quite a good map to learn several things about 1v1 games.

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