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Command & Conquer '95 v1.06c released!


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It's finally here... more than 2 years after the release of patch 1.06b, and almost a year after its last update revision.


Command & Conquer '95 v1.06c



The patch focuses mainly on expanding mission making and modding. Besides that, there are of course actual game fixes too though:


  • The messed up colours problem on Windows Vista and Windows 7 has been fixed, by putting the game in DirextX compatibility mode.
  • The problematic Funpark mode has been removed, and, using the new mission making functions, the dinosaur missions have been added into the New Missions menu as two campaign launcher items, one for GDI and one for Nod.
  • Using the arrow keys on the main menu now lets you go through the options in the right order.
  • The damage percentage calculated on armour is no longer 255/256 when it should be 100%
  • The firing sound of the SAM site has been fixed.
  • The computer opponent can no longer capture your Advanced Communications Center.

There's a LOT more where that came from though. A quick overview of the new mission making and modding features:


  • New mission options allow changing house colours, making a building type (un)capturable in just one mission, changing the sidebar logo, unlocking the multiplayer-only units, and a lot more.
  • The number of missions in the New Missions menu has been expanded from 79 items per side to 979 items per side (20-999).
  • The New Missions Menu now has a system to add multiple missions as one menu item, to be played as campaign.
  • The number of multiplayer maps has been expanded from 99 to 256.
  • An entire dynamic language changing system allows adding new languages to the game.
  • A new modding system allows mods to be launched by the game. This means a mod's files put in the game folder will not affect the game unless the game is specifically launched to use them.
  • As a start of the implementation of an ini-rules system, all music settings are now 100% ini-based.




As showcase of the new modding system, I'm rereleasing my C&C Meets Star Wars mod. For those who haven't seen it before, this mod does not change gameplay in any way; it just replaces all graphics and sounds in the game to become Star Wars themed. It also contains an entire playlist of Star Wars themed music.





The patch, its language packs, and the C&C2SW mod, can all be found here:




Note that there is no full game download for 1.06c yet. It is of course perfectly possible to patch the full game install of 1.06b revision 2, which is still available on the site.


At this moment, the French and German game readmes are not yet available. They will be added later though.

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Those are my addon unit tests. I should've disabled those X_x


But em, how do you figure that would be related to your Star Wars mod, when you don't even have it enabled in that pic? It's 100% impossible for an unlaunched mod to influence the game, as long as the person making it wasn't stupid enought to make his mixfiles start with sc*, ss*, updat* or updtr*.


Anyway, I see there's some more experimental stuff that needs to be removed, like a custom warhead for the Nuke. The nuke originally just used Fire, but I changed that for a test. But more recently, I've been trying to reproduce the special burning logics of the Fire warhead, with little success, so changing that warhead was probably a really bad idea, since the nuke will no longer cause buildings and trees to burn.


So yeah, revision 1 is on its way, expect it later today or tomorrow.

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technically, it's for nothing actually, because by the time TDX gets to the point of adding these units I'll have finished their ini system, making their info in the exe useless. But yeah, they were originally added (in the 1.06b version) as units for the Tiberian Dawn: eXtended project. I actually got their graphics on my hard disk :P

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BTW: Can we get a version with the ORIGINAL music, and not the unlocked/Added stuff? It really doesnt match the game well.

extract rules.ini and disable remixscores?


Maybe I should make that a conquer.ini option after all...


Are you going to update the full installer as well?

Yes, eventually... when I get some time. As the site literally says, "Note that some features for 1.06c, like a full game download and the savegame packs are not yet finished, and will be added over the course of the next weeks. You can always download the 1.06b r2 version of the game and patch it with the 1.06c patch, of course."

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lol, ow, that was a pretty awful bug in the custom capturability system. Somehow I got it into my head that to reduce the chance on desyncs, the default values reading for the capturability state of buildings should be skipped in MP mode. However, mere milliseconds later it DOES reset all capturability settings for buildings from that same default values list. Which is obviously still blank. All zeroes. Hence, the capturability states of the buildings are put to exactly that... all zeroes. All uncapturable O_o

Seems I messed up some more in that code anyway. I'm pretty lucky it didn't totally destroy something else, since I seemed to have made it wipe clean 3 bytes of the building settings right after that capturability state.


Anyway, it's all fixed now. The game reads the default values well before it loads the main menu now, forever solving any chance on desyncs happening because of that, and the capturability state is now applied correctly.


It's becoming a real pain to update the full patch every time though, so I've decided to work with a system of exe hotfixes for now, until I can release a completely bug-free revision 2 patch.


The hotfix to break the Great Engineer Strike of October '10 can be found on the site:


You'll see the main menu version is changed to 1.06c r1f1, indicating the presence of the first fix.

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