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Funkyfr3sh, lets update the new TS stuff


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Hey Funky!

I know you're working hard on everything, but I just  wanna bring up this stuff - no rush though. Just wanna see your thoughts on this

First, about the new ts-spawn, its been tested many times and had no problems what so ever. Can't wait for it to be uploaded.

Second, we have gathered a bunch of voxels and shp files. (I know dkeeton and you talked about it a bit) Worked really hard on them to make them all work and ask permissions. I uploaded all the stuff for if you wanna look at it, (and for other readers to test it out) It might still need some work but that's no problem, im just throwing it out here already :P

Pack includes:

- expand11 (containing a few ecache.mix files with all the files)

- Accounting excel sheet with all the information

- art.ini

- a map to test all of the stuff

- and the new ts-spawn (use it to test map)


Everything can still be modified ofcourse. We have a google drive with all the files, all seperate rules and art ini files for each new voxel/shp.




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