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To my shameless little signature-based self-promotion thingy. Here you'll find pretty much all the silly crap I make for CnCNet or centered around CnCNet. Hopefully you'll find something entertaining and/or useful.



Normal Maps

A pretty big 8 player map with an emphasis on balance between land and sea combat.

Nature Trail to Hell
4 player map, good for a relatively laid-back 2v2.

Manifest Destiny
WTF MAP for sane people. Medium sized 8 player map with a boatload of gems.

Sonic Highways
Give me the flammable light, I'm cold as a match, ready to strike...

Who says you need an underground tileset to make a cave map?

Abnormal Maps

Crate Craps
Collect as many crates as you can to build the biggest, scrappiest army possible.

Witwatersrand Basin
An edit I did for "ORE MAP" by @Roooo. Conserve space and train all the infantry you can.

Appels' Wasteland
A collaborative effort between myself and @Appels to reinvent "EXTRA SMALL" as "EXTRA medium."

Knossos, Crete
Ever read the Hunger Games? It's basicly that, but in Yuri's Revenge.

Exactly what it sounds like.


Spy Hunt
Blow up the kremlin without being spotted or hunt down the crafty invader of your glorious homeland.

Monster Truck
Best described by a single word: EXPLOSIONS.

For people who just wanna screw around with boats in pools.


Be Right Back
Not so much a map as it is a way to escape to the restroom.



Parabomb Strikes from Airports
Ever wanted to make parabombs a thing in RA2? Now you can stick 'em right in your map.

Making Tunnels in Final Alert 2
You know, those things from Tiberian Sun? Turns out they work in Yuri's Revenge, too.

Adding an Author to a Map
So people can associate the awesomeness of you map with the person who made it.

How to Use the Map Renderer
Make those fancy giant map previews you've seen around for your own map.

Mirage Tanks with Selectable Disguises
Enable mirage tanks to select which tree or traffic light they look like in your map.

Adding Kamikaze Planes to a Map
Destroy stuff by crashing planes into said stuff.



Yuri's Revenge Wallpapers
In case you want to cover your computer in RA2 iconography.

Outranging Static Defence with Rhinos
Exactly what it says on the tin.

Efficient Base-Walking
A practical tip for games in which base-walking is an integral part.
Also, if you wanna know some other fancy-shmancy stuff about RA2, I recommend a peek through the rest of this thread.

Hijacking and Unit "Displacement"
A not-at-all practical tip unless you care about the most extraneous of details or you're playing a match on Whirlpool.

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