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Allied vs Soviets (RUSH GAME)


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How can i win against a good soviet player in a rush game with Allied
As the soviets build faster and their tanks are even stronger ! ?
and even if we were equal with num. of tanks (and dogs :)) they would win....
Any ideas pro allied players ??????

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playing a good soviet and getting rushed is a problem even pro allieds will have problems with it .

for me in small map i go 1 miner then grezlly tanks and air units to force him to make flack  that allowes you to make 1 more tanks while he makes a flack .

pillbox when he is so near your base that makes his rhinos aim on pill while your tanks aim on his . 

that's mostly it . 

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People are saying pillboxs, grizzlys, rockies, ggi ifvs and that is all true and needed, but the most important part in stopping a soviet rush is your ability to use these units. 

For the soviets, all they need to do is collect some rhino tanks, maybe some fodder (dogs) and essentially run into you. It will be up to you to counter that force with finesse and skill of camping.

When people tell you to build pillboxes, that means having a pillbox on hold and putting it down at the exact right time it is needed in tank battles, then selling it and later doing it over again. 

GGI IFV's are very useful, but also incredibly risky. If they fail, you will be putting yourself at a major disadvantage, so you'll have to learn how to use them if you plan on doing so. I am not good with these, so I never used them much.

I play allieds like most Ra2 allied players -- build lots of Grizzly tanks, some rockies, and have para ready. This usually counters their rushes quite fine.

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