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(cn2) Teardrop


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10 hours ago, cn2mc said:

Such a dolt that chem. How can you know if it's a unique playing experience? Literally nobody has played the map, I only posted a pic.


Lol I prefer dotard :P,  Well because you can know almost how it will unfold from insane hours experience playing the game, unique because the map is so small and with a specific design, I bet it unfolds in 2 main ways with good players, both base creep bottom right  and fight their, or one creeps over and one under, so one will attack over the top one underneath, so you'll have to defend your base and attack theirs both with turrets and troops etc at the same time  :)

Its gonna be hard to stop engie rushes, troop/base/turret rushes,  and all in heli rushes also, as part of the maps dynamic, (when the cheesers get hold of it) and I think that's a really good thing for training purposes, if you can stop 4 heli's and a harvester on this map you can stop it on any map! - Its going to be a fast action packed dynamic death match!

I have made small postcard maps b4 and have experience playing them with a variety of people, skilled and cheesy players alike.   I made a 6 player ffa on a map this size lol

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2 hours ago, cn2mc said:

43x43, IIRC. The entire idea behind it is cramming more fighting space in less actual map space, without making the map an impossible to navigate maze or a wide open wasteland.

Yeah, it's interesting in that way... the more that I look at it, the more it seems like it has areas that make it look big. I think the part that makes it look small is that it has a pretty small rush distance; which is something I often like in a map.

Literally just realised that there's no download on this page xD

Wow, go me.

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Will release after sufficient hype. I almost let it loose a night or two ago but the other guy demanded me to choose a bigger map, so he got pummeled on Bushlands and missed the golden opportunity to be patient zero.

It's really my take on the square-cube law, C&C style, and also a proof-of-concept thing. If it turns out to work OK, similar designs can be implemented in larger maps or parts thereof. After all, this has less than half the square count a full 62x62 map has. 

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Played White on this map he kicked my ass like 4 times I got his CY and War fac though all he had was a barracks one game but he still managed to win so that game was close the tiberium is far away I ended up building a 2nd power plant to base walk my over to the tiberium maybe I should have just moved my MCV and saved $300 every penny counts on this map.

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So, it plays like it should. The idea is that tib looks close, but is actually far away, and you must choose a direction to expand to at start and kinda stick to it. Horizontal expansion is safer, vertical is a bit more risky and rushy. 

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