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Unit discussion in TS: I: Low and Middle Class Vehicles

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HI :).

Its an old discussion, but i doubt that some units are not worth to be in TS.
First of all  a list of these units:

a) Buggy:  A) Mod/"CncNet" Maps: aa) On Giants: 1.) Use frequancy: 2/10 Its very rarely, that someone uses them. Only players in my knowledge, who use them, are Majin Sandy, Mike Pence and Stukade, although Pence uses them as much as every game.  2.) Effectiveness: 8/10 In early steps of Giants, its all about scouting. And many players dont care enough for gate defense. So buggies fit perfectly for that purpose and can win games. Sometimes, you can attack later some engies or annoy gdi and opponents, which costs them focus on attacking. And if they fail, you only wasted 500-1500 $. They can help in a inf rush against gate and for defending against ghosts. Other than that, they are weak.  bb) On  GSO: 1.) Use frequancy: 0,5/10 Noone uses them, except if they lost anything but warfac and are in a need for anti-inf or want to troll. 2.) Effectiveness: 1/10: In Gso, you already scout with inf or dont need to scout. YOu dont have the money to afford a buggy to scout early, and later you dont need it. Buggies can help in inf battle, if you micro well, but only 1 or 2; you dont have the time to build them tho. B) WW maps: aa) Terrace: 1.) 1/10 In 1vs1, they are used sometimes for scouting, other than that, noone uses them. 2.) 4/10 They can be ok for scouting, but Nod players cant afford to buy them against Gdi most of the time. Useless in combat. bb) Forest Fires: 1.) 2/10 In safer positions, some players use them sometimes to scout as Nod.  2.)  5/10 They can be very helpful, when you have only Nod in attacking spots; but you have to take controll of one pathway first. Completely useless for combat.

b) Bikes: A) CncNet Maps: aa) Giants: 1.) Use frequancy: 1/10: Noone uses them. Only very rarely for diss defense or scouting. Tomatoczar loves them tho. 2.) Effectiveness: 3/10. They get destroyed so easily by the gate defending inf, that they are useless to scout; they can be ok against disses, but are most of the times not powerful enough for the first diss attack. Useless for attack, too. bb) Gso: 1.) 3/10: Happens somtimes, that Nod players bike rush against harvs/mcv/refs. 2.) 3/10. Art will stop them easily, lasers, inf too. But in the right circumstances, if player gets 2vs1ed or is weak on defense of his distant base (happens often), then they can be very good. B) WW maps aa) Terrace 1.) 3/10 Uses for def against diss or scouting, only very rarely for harv harass or attack. 2.) 3/10 They are ok against disses, because they have speed, but they are very weak against tits or inf. Can be useful for harv harass or noob trolling. bb) FF 1.) Like Terrace 2.) 5/10 Works better on a big map like FF, especially the diss def.

c) Tick Tanks: A) aa) Giants 1.) Use frequancy: 10/10 If you play Giants, you will see tick tanks automatically; although still more players prefer Art over Tanks, it has changed a bit in favor of tanks lately. Only def usage. Hitman builds a hord of them to help his front men, Stylewarz makes a big micro defense map with deployed tanks, lasers, silos and roket men, Judas likes them, too. 2.) Effectiveness10/10 Tanks are very good to defend single strong units like C/Cs or disses and also good against devils, if you have enough tanks in a spot. Tanks make quick damage, while Art fails against C/Cs and Disses. They are much cheaper then art, you dont have to deploy them first, and they are much better against early rushes. bb) Gso 1.) 5/10 They are used to defend together with lasers against tit attacks. 2.) 5/10 Good for quick def against tits, but tits are mostly attacking together with inf, which makes tanks ineffective. Attacks with ticks fail most of the time because of art, lasers or inf, although, deployed, ticks can be dangereos for a base. B) aa) Terrace: 1.) 7/10 Used for def against Tits, DIsses and Mammuths. 2.) 5/10 Arts are better than tanks on terr. bb) FF: 1.) Like Terr 2.) 7/10 Can be very useful for defense. 

d) Repair Vehicle: A) aa) Giants 1.) 5/10 They get used for banshee repairing. 2.) 8/10 Can be very important, if you rely on bans. If not, Repair vehicles are not important. bb) Gso 1.) 4/10 Used to repair art, sometimes vehicles in general. 2.) 7/10 Good for art repair, but it takes a while, until you can afford them as nod player. With good micro, you can come back in an art fight. B aa) Terr 1.) 5/10 Like Giants/Gso 2.) 6/10 Like Giants/Gso, but you cant build banshees that easily. bb) FF: 1.) + 2.) Like Giants/Gso/Terr

e) Artillery: A) aa) Giants: 1.) 10/10 A giants game = Artillery 2.) 6/10 Overrated. Only if you have the time to play Sim City and bunker, they are cost effective compared to tanks. You dont need as much of them, when you have an emp. While building them, you dont build attack units. Art is very good against devils and Cyborg/inf rush tho, weak against C&Cs and disses. bb) Gso 1.) 10/10 2.) 10/10 Very useful to get controll over the map, to defend against tits and any sort of things, to attack inf, to attack emp, to base creap, and so on. B aa) Terr 1.) 10/10 2.) 10/10 Like Gso  bb) FF: 1.) 7/10 You have to be fast in FF, many players decide to use some art, but more tanks or rokets or sometimes bikes for def. Only on close spots, people use them for attack. 2.) 6/10 Like Giants, but you dont have the money like there. They get more useful in later game, when you have to expand.

f) Sensor: A) aa) Giants: 1.) 9/10 Almost anyone builds them. 2.) 9/10 You can see subterrianian units with them and emp them, before they are in your base (which will prevent the emp from opening up your stealth gens). You can scout with them by crushing gate defending inf. Ah: And you can see, when someone stealth-tank-trolls ;). bb) Gso: 1.) 1/10 You almost never see them on GSO. 2.) Because you have no time for them, subs are not that effective and map is so small, you can see subs with your very eyes, before they go underground. B) aa) Terr: 1.) 2/10 If opponent is nod, many build them. But Nod vs Nod is a rarity. 2.) 1/10- 10/10 If someone is Nod, perfect: If not: You are a noob! :D bb) FF: 1.) + 2.) Like Terr. 


a) Wolverine: A) aa) Giants: 1.) 0/10 Noone builds them. 2.) 0,5/10 They can be useful against ghosts (lol) or to help inf rush gate, but other than that: Wasted money. bb) Gso: 1.) 3/10 Sometimes, people build them. 2.) 6/10 They are underestimated. Good together with inf to win the first inf fight or to assault at opponent after you won the first inf fight (with good micro). Good together with inf to help tits, too. But only, of course, in early game. B) Terr: 1.) 1/10 Only used very very rarely for scouting or if you are in need against inf. 2.) 2/10 Most of the time, you need tits after first inf fight, so there is no time, money and need for wolves. Useless for scouting (too weak and slow compared to buggies). FF: 1.) 1/10 Like Terr. 2.) 2/10 Can be good, if you are in need against inf (which can happen more often in close spots). Other than that, a waste! Ah: And a perfect troll unit ;) 

b) Titan: A) Giants: 1.) 10/10 Perfect for def. 2.) 7/10 Good for def, but weak for attack. Gso: 1.) 10/10 GSO = Tits 2.) 10/10 Great unit for attack and def. But lasers, rokets, rpgs, naders and emps can be annoying. So make sure, you have inf surrounding them. Solution: Move through tib xD. B) Terr: 1.) 10/10 Like GSO 2.) 10/10 Like Gso, with the difference, that Nod is even weaker on terr! Black ("Titanjoe") felt in love with them, Sky, Bud and Rob like them, as well. FF: 1.) 10/10 2.) 8/10 Good for def and good for massive assault, but weak in the early game (which most of the time decides FF), because of disses.

c) Apc: Giants: 1.) 6/10 Firestar uses them constantly. Other Gdi players like to use them, too. 2.) 9/10 Very good to crush inf at gate and scout, but not as fast as buggies, so they get outlasered. Gso: 1.) 3/10 2.) 5/10 No time or money for it, although you can use them for the classic engi rush (nostalgia) or to crush inf or for ghosts.... Slower on tib. B) Terr: 1.) 2/10 Very rarely used. 2.) 5/10 Good for engi rush or crush inf, when in need. Not cost effective for scouting, but good tho. FF: 1.) 4/10 Fits better on a big map 2.) 7/10 Fits better for a big map with water.

d) Sensor: 10/10 and 10/10 if your opponent is Nod, 0/10 and 0/10 if not (but can be used for scouting on Giants, so there: 3/10).

e) Hover: Giants: 1.) 5/10 Used for guard defense. 2.) 9/10 Perfect for bunkering and defending. Better than Titan for that. GSO: 1.) 1/10 Almost never used. 2.) 5/10 Good for defending against Helis or Jjs (lol) and ok against bombers, can be ok for attack against harvs or attack support, too, if opponent has weak def. Other than, they are s***. Terr: 1.) 1/10 Like Gso 2.) 4/10 Like Gso, but completely useless for attack, good for harv defense and harv harass. FF: 1.) 2/10 FF has water, so they are used more often. 2.) 6/10 Good for defense, can harv harass nicely or destroy bridges.

What do you think?



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On maps like Terraces or Forest Fires with all good players, you will almost never see anyone making cyborgs, buggy, obelisk, stealth, medic, or wolverine, unless maybe its on vet/balance versions of said maps.

Bikes have their use in early game / combo attacks.  Hovers are good on maps like FF that have water entrances to bases, or for defense.

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yeh on maps like the 3 maps we play... we never use said units... lets not play other plays where they maybe more applicable... just mod it all instead....


also giants isnt worth to be in ts... how can u even compare units on a botched out map like that ?


scenario specific units.  play 1 scenario get one specific unit... ughhh .... maps where you have low tib a repair vehicle will be more valuable.... on giants u get a million quid why even repair bans u can build that many so the map renders it more useless

give up trying to fix stuff and figure out another way around the problem... strategies... play a different map... try a different combo.. 







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Giants is much more like TD and RA, and TS follows them. So its in fact a sin against C&C to say Giants is not worth to be in Ts. Giants fixes the extreme unballance between Gdi and Nod (money, energy). And which game has only 1 map to play and is good? Its just some old players clinging on their Terrace stuff. But it doesnt make you smart: You wont be capable of being a RA or TD pro ;).

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