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    • It comes in a SWARM, from me seprothe ggeneral, rootbie , epherium, and a few other non elite but bloody hard pros. I understand u build the hon in multiple places to compensate for the speed of the buggies .   Then you space out the flamers/naders and put them on guard   Maybe a turret or tank or 2     But I find they just focus fire, dodge back n forth and totally waste all the troops i built then they annihilate my construction yard.        
    • Never mind....the timer dissapear but was still counting down U_U
    • Mr Buggies num 1 player 1) Conyard, 2) power, 3) hon, 4) refinery 1 5) airstrip, 6) refinery 2 7) refinery 3 8. airstrip, 9)power (buggy spam split in 2 and base creep attack)   Jacko num 2 player - 1) Conyard, 2) power, 3) refinery 1 4) hon, 5) refinery 2 6) refinery 3 7) airstrip,    (usually builds nuke heli combo b4 any1else, and is later than most with a second air strip, relies on troops n turrets n tech up and defending early to  compensate a late 2nd air strip and the early 3 refinery economy rush, often many more refineries later to boot)   Me Chem - 1) Conyard, 2) power, 3) hon, 4) refinery, 5) airstrip, 6) refinery 7) refinery 8. refinery, 9) airstrip, 10) power (later another refinery or 2 and a 3rd airstrip, pressure rush till they break or I break, mostly buggies, mix a few bikes in later, occasional heli use or engie rush)   robL   1) Conyard 2) Power 3) hon 4) refinery 5) refinery 6) airstrip 7) refinery 8. power 9) refinery 10) airstrip   (does a nice little troop rush early followed by an apc rush lol, a great clever aggressive early game start that capitalizes on all my weaknesses and my build order damn u robL!, and as a build order a very well balanced build that is right in the middle good for rushes and good for late game but specializing in neither although he tailors it into an aggressive early rush the 2 refineries to allow him to troop rush with many troops  super early)    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Conclusions   To me it seems mr buggies has no vulnerabilities, except maybe he might get out produced economy wise late game IF it goes that far which it doesn't ,  only 3 refineries!? It means u have 0 cash to make further refineries only enough for units and a few cheap buildings for the creep.  You might be able to out buggy him if you dont go hon and build a 4th refinery and match his base creep with one of your own. Then later game you have more money to out buggy him.     To me it seems Jackos vulnerability is the 3 refinery start, hes not vulnerable to appachi's  because of the hon, he somehow manages to fend off buggy n bike spam with turrets and troops onlly. I can see a vulnerability if you come earl;y with buggies n bikes and sustain the pressure  but not a big vulnerability. He is however vulnerable to a simple apc engie rush, only having troops and maybe a turret to defend the engie I guess he can make lots of troops but a definite stand out vulnerability in his order. So weaknesses EARLY RUSH AND SUSTAINED EARLY PRESSURE, AND ENGIE RUSH good luck with that one much easier said than done.     My vulnerability is if I dont get you early and uve built 3 or even 2 refineries im at a serious late game disadvantage. A general lack of skill is my disadvantage too esp with troops,  as for my build order I think it strikes a good balance between early domination and late game progression, you can afford further refineries. Its slightly slower than mr buggies for buggies since he gets his 2nd air strip up 1st and its significantly disadvantaged against someone with a 3 refinery start late game, and disadvantaged against a 3 refinery starter late game.     Robls disadvantages: The build itseelf 2 refinery start is a good alrounder but not best at anything its disadvantaged and advantaged against all build orders but since a game doesn't go late if you rush hard/well enough, then it might be a bad idea to use this against a good rusher. Robls specific game style has mitigated this disadvantage massively with teh troop rush, but it only works for close maps with no tiberium           So in short whats best? Or rather slight better than the rest? and why? (For all maps in general)   The 1 2 or 3 refinery start!? Which is best and why?                    
    • Erm. As YouTube streaming is a relatively new thing, any way we can list those, too? I have no idea how lol.   EDIT: HEY WAIT I FOUND THIS!!!    
    • i did´t XD after some time looking arung i guess i made it, the timer in the mission dissapear and i guess when the 1:30h ends the mission will still continue.   Thanks alot to everyone!!!
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