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C&C Multiplayer Maps / Fortress of Arrogance (4pl - 3 vs 1)
« Last post by nariac on Today at 11:34:39 AM »
Hey guys, I've seen a few versus maps with unequal sides - Great Wall for example. They're often 3 versus 2, but I decided to make a 3 versus 1 map, with the lone player in possession of a formidable defensive position. I've made a fortress map before, but I really wanted to make one which was "balanced" (in so far as 3v1 can be balanced) while also not being symmetrical. Behold the fruits of my labour!

Fortress of Arrogance

The three players will have to work together to overwhelm the fourth quickly, because the lone player will be able to win by outlasting his opponents as you can see from the map pictures.

The fortress in the south possesses mixed tech, SAM sites, Airstrike capability, and a strong defensive position with two relatively safe and very large Tiberium fields which can easily be accessed. In addition, the middle of the map is defended by a line of defensive structures at 3 key choke points. These can be destroyed at will by the fortress player by killing the MHQ in his base, should he wish to go on the offensive himself. However, the lone player should be wary. He will be at risk of being overwhelmed, since the northern alliance has three times the APM he does, so he will have to be quick to react to threats coming from all sides should the river crossings be breached.

The players in the north have ample Tiberium to get started, and can also pool their units by crossing through the mountains to reach each other's areas, should they wish to make a combined push. However they choose to attack, they will have to do so quickly to secure the extra Tiberium fields guarded by the defenses. Once that is accomplished, they will be able to harass the fortress from three directions, as well as threaten its large Tiberium fields.
General Discussion / Re: What Games Do You Play On Your Smartphone?
« Last post by X3M on Today at 10:31:24 AM »
The current 6 games installed:
Dune 2, ProjectY, Warfare Inc., OpenTTD, Mad Dex, PvZ2

I think I can have 10 times the amount if I remove PvZ2. That game is bigger than 1 gig when in need for an update.
Dune 2 will never be erased manually. Since it isn't in the play store any more.
Unfortunately that is less than likely, considering we both have 100 mbps connections :)
And that we've played other games together, for example Factorio.
The game does not lag hard, it just drops connection after the loading screen. You see your units, the cash counts to the set amount and then the game drops.

I have managed once to get it working by using a random tunneling server (dont remember which one) from the list, but then the lag was so big, that the units start responding 3s after your input.
If i have to assume i would bet it is a tunneling issue, but i may be wrong, im not aware of the internals of the networking of the game.
The Repair Bay / Re: Banned for what?
« Last post by Ferret on Today at 03:57:43 AM »

Your ban is temporary and it'll only last 5 minutes.

The Repair Bay / Banned for what?
« Last post by SupaFly on Today at 03:40:40 AM »
It says I am banned for vulgar language when I never used any vulgar language. I accidentally spammed  the lobby and then it said I was banned for vulgar language.
Just to clarify, when you play online with other people the game runs perfectly?

But when you play with your friend it lags hard?

If that's the case, I have to think it is your friends PC/internet connection.
Tiberian Sun / Firestorm / Re: Tib Sun Strategies
« Last post by Holland on Today at 01:08:34 AM »
First, name the map then tell us your strategy.

I'm newb now so I do not play terrace anymore and have forgotten my reg map strats.

On Giant's of war 8 player (As GDI) I build one ref then after the war factory is up I build 2 apcs to send in to scout before building an extra harv then build 2 extra jj's to scout just in case the apcs do not work. Then, I tech up and dizzy you. After building 5 dizzys, I usually build up on bombers, titans and a couple of more refs then get my firestorm ready and begin expanding with an extra MCV, more helipads and war factories if I make it that far(Sometimes I do not worry about getting firestorm). I know it seems like kind of a strange strat but you might be surprised how often it works.

I am a little high right now so forgive me if I have fed the trolls.

I love it when giants get played with lots of GDI. It makes it more fun. I'm always GDI on Giants, just cuz me too, dont like the way its modded. I mean its great if you don't like dying and don't wanna learn. other then that I love to rush with GDI on giants as well! I don't really like your strategy to be honest, let me tell you mine:

when the loadscreen ends, im already pressing E+D with index and middle finger like crazy, while im doing that Im already clicking like a maniac on powerplant, get my screen in the position to place it as fast as i can, clicking barracks as fast as i can. I build my buildings like this the entire game, but mostly during start cuz i always wanna rush. I just build a few infs (if in back) to save money, 1 ref, radar, build JJ as fast as i can and order it to fly as fast as i can, 50/50 of times i fly through more then 1 base, I ALT my warfactory on the tib while i make 2 harvs right after building it, so i have time to make jj's dodge sams, i also Shift+F9 my First target's base so i dont have to scroll. I make an mk2 as fast as i can, selling depot,radar,tech right after i don't need them anymore. I build second ref, ghost, apc and another carryall, they might go slower cuz of low money, build while im doing this, my mk2 is killing all sams, all rocket man and threats to clear the way for the ghost. As my screen camera goes from home (H) to enemy base (F9), I team the ghost #1 and carryall #2, for easy controll of units. Hopefully i destroyed the base real quick and can move on to the next base, hopefully game finishes real quick. If it all fails im just hoping i will die quick cuz i hate long ass giant games.
Modding Discussion / Re: Red Dawn (RA-1)
« Last post by Allen262 on February 25, 2017, 11:16:05 PM »
It is found in the CnCNet 5 Online and CnCNet 5 Skrmish mode.
Help & Support / Re: Game not starting
« Last post by Grant on February 25, 2017, 10:09:49 PM »
Strange one, if it's not even creating a log. There are no .log files anywhere in your install directory?

Do you have .NET 4 installed?
CnCNet Discussion / CNCNet adding a new mod
« Last post by Missingno50 on February 25, 2017, 10:00:03 PM »
I have a question. How do I add my own modification to CNCNet's software.
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