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Mapping Discussion / Re: Request to admins about TS/FinalSun
« Last post by Iran on Today at 08:55:10 PM »
Don't know about the triggerer house Neutral stuff thing.

Rampastring and Bittah_Commander know more about the Give_Credits action thing, they added it for Dawn of the Tiberium Age.

I'll take a look at those events, could you make me a test map?
Help & Support / crash post update
« Last post by zebtar99 on Today at 08:19:43 PM »
image format not supported after update to 3.1.1  dta client crashes
Red Alert 2 / Yuri's Revenge / Re: DTA Client ERROR
« Last post by zebtar99 on Today at 08:06:36 PM »
seeing dta client fail afterauto update to 3.1.1
Help & Support / Re: LOST MAP
« Last post by Grant on Today at 07:22:34 PM »
Its completely broken m8.Check your map database and see if u can find my map WorldWar6 Edited/scripted by Maco V1.5
You're in luck, download -
Red Alert 2 / Yuri's Revenge / MOVED: END THIS SHIT ADMINS
« Last post by Grant on Today at 07:05:52 PM »
Help & Support / Re: END THIS SHIT ADMINS
« Last post by Grant on Today at 07:05:22 PM »

Sorry you've had a problem with someone in the lobby.

In the future please keep topic titles and addressing us civil.  :)

You can private message any of active Yuri's Revenge Game Moderators on the forum in the future too.
Ferret, -AuF- AuFRuLeR, RA168UK

Please check your inbox. I have sent you a message.

General Discussion / Re: Co Op with EA as mutual benefit?
« Last post by AnastasRA1 on Today at 06:33:23 PM »
But wouldnt it be beneficial for both EA and cncnet that whoever purchases C&C gets instant access to the cncnet multiplayer?

Between EA and us the scars are too deep  :sethisdeath:  O._O. "CnC4"
Also such a MULTIMILLION "COMPANY" doesn't have time for the 800 fans of the game that launched it to the top of sales.              ( 0 fffffffffragments given  :ranting: )
Westwood we miss you !!!!!!  :puppydog:

ps. I also like the idea of promoting the game once again but as said above...  :dry:
Help & Support / Re: Whitescreen- win10 64 bit
« Last post by DaddyPanda on Today at 05:36:20 PM »
Make sure your DTA Client has been set to Integrated also.
Help & Support / Re: blank white screen when starting client
« Last post by DaddyPanda on Today at 05:35:28 PM »
I had the same issue, Anyone reading this that hasn't resolved the issue make sure the DTA Client is also on integrated graphics. I reinstalled everything onto a ssd and set everything as before but this time I had to set the DTA Client which fixed my issue.
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