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      This forum is for discussion of the game where you control one unit and use your micro skills to defeat other players. Sole Survivor -> DoTA before DoTA was a thing.

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      The noble Atreides, the insidious Ordos and the evil Harkonnen. Only one house will prevail.... This forum is for the discussion of Intelligent Games' C&C inspired recreation of Westwood Studios' Dune 2.

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    • 挂个翻墙  全局代理基本没问题了,或者你自己建游戏,使用国内服务器(也可能有人不读条)。
    • Wait. I thought you made that account 7 years ago and posted this earlier:  
    • CCCP84 I made an account on this forum only to reply to your creation of this map. After reading the whole topic first ofall: THANK YOU! You clearly invested a lot of time and thought into this map.  I have played it about 15 times now and I'm hooked. As you said, if you have a few teams that understand the concept of this map games can be long. One game went on for 2,5 hours yesterday with 3 teams fighting until the end. Kills went above 2500 for multiple players. Epic. The only thing that I don't like about this map is the sheer amount of paradrops. I have had several games where I just ended up fighting double paradrops non-stop all over the map. Especially at the start when your main enemy is not really clear yet, sometimes this means 1 team is getting like 10 paradrop attacks in three minutes. I really think this map could do better with just 4 airfields instead of 8. Let the teams decide who takes the shared airfield.   Other than that this map is near perfect. Especially with the nit changes that you made. Well done.
    • from what i recall from memory: loadable: if the team has a transport, this flag says whether or not it can be loaded full: if the teams is a harvester, this says that the harvester should be pre-loaded with ore annoyance: tells the AI to keep re-filling this team no matter what (dont use this xd) guard slower: just makes it guard slower recruiter: when this team is made (via trigger action 4, or via ai triggers), it will attempt to recruit units that are set to recruitable cargo plane: when used with trigger action 7, makes the team spawn in a cargo plane that drops the units at the team's 'waypoint' whiner: might be obsolete but its supposed to alert the AI similar to the way attacking a miner does i think loose recruit: pretty sure its obsolete aggressive: makes the team scan for enemies more frequently and actively engage enemy units suicide: tells the team to basically ignore any enemies and just beeline towards its objective autocreate: ive heard it said this has to do with niche recruitment cases but im pretty sure its an obsolete holdover from older games prebuild: pretty sure its obsolete reinforce: like annoyance, but if the team gets completely destroyed the AI stops trying to refill its units ontransonly: if the team is spawned, all units will be spawned inside a transport avoidthreats: makes the team act like a harvester and pathfind around perceived threats ion immune: was used in ts to keep units from being effected by ion storms areteammembersrecruitable: this works along with 'recruiter', and the whole priority-based recruitment logic transportsreturnonunload: not that reliable, but after unloading units the transport goes back to its previous waypoint and gets kicked from the team isbasedefense: tells the AI that this is a basedefense team for the whole basedef team AI logic thing. onlytargethouseenemy: not sure about this one honestly
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