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    • Could you open the crash log for this? Command & Conquer Red Alert II\Client
    • Hi.  My client is crashing every time I try and run it for 'rad2 and Yuri's' revenge with the following message: "The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed." I have seen other posts on here about this message that are a few years old and have not been answered. I would super appreciate any help so my kids and I can have a lan party with these classic games. I tired running as administrator and that did not help.  I installed it here on my windows 10 machine: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Command & Conquer Red Alert II Is there any other fix I can try?  I bought it through Steam.  Thanks!
    • Thank you for your valuable comments, I plan to share the CnCNet-compatible version with additional arrangements in a couple of days. However, I'm going to make this project more comprehensive than just a few .ini modifications, because most of the changes I want to make are structural. My future goal is to implement this as an update to the game if we can get the concept to a majority in this thread. It would be useful for me to clarify a couple of points you made in your comment, because I think the goal is not quite clear at that point: Flak weapons are effective in multiple targets because of it's spreading projectile but when the distance increases with target, it can easily loose it's impact and the accuracy gets unstable . On the other hand Flak track has an special ability to crush fences and sandbags so it's spreading projectile becomes an advantage only if it can shoot on mobile to maintain it's optimal distance IMHO.    To be honest, I don't agree with this point, because Apocs are juggernaut units, they need to be heavy and effective offensively, whereas, with a fixed turret, it is more advantageous to position them only defensively because as you say they are too slow to make an effective attack and this makes them an open target. So providing mobile firing capability doesn't make them more agile, but it makes them an effective offensive unit. Because I think Apoc should have enough endurance to take at least 4-5 units with it until it is destroyed, and it is difficult to achieve this without mobility. If I increase the range, Apoc will stop being an offensive unit and become a defensive artillery and this will take the unit away from its original purpose.
    • Good thinking, and I like how you did that. The Industrial Plant only improves production efficiency, leading to less waste of time and resources, but a unit can still contain a set amount of a material (steel, copper or whatever). But realistically some of the material is always lost when recycling because it can never be perfect, so you reduced the unit soylents to 75% of the unit's original price to prevent the exploit. I also noticed that you reduced the brute soylent too. Yup, these were pretty blatant oversights. Especially the latter because you can realistically have a lot more elite FTs. Nice. The AI should always have been smart enough to have Service Depots and build MCVs. Yup, low-tech combat tanks and pre-elite Apocs are ineffective against infantry, so they're better off crushing them (maybe not Apocs because they're too plodding to actually get infantry under their treads). And Mirages are too fragile and effective against infantry to feel the need to crush inf (Prisms too, but they don't quite fit the "battle tank" category). These things needed a balance. The Allied PPs are good in a vacuum, but the other factions have ways to get even more power. They always needed a buff, but no one quite agrees on how much or in which way. Rhinos can just dodge them, Grizzlies do so even better, and you just deal with artillery using other stuff. Yes, the range should be better (Traditional German tank destroyers had long range). But they should still be worse than Mirages because they're lower tech. IKR, vanilla Teslas are terrible even ignoring the country-exclusive unit competition from Desolators due to having the range of a battering ram (heck, they look like one to boot!). They're also pretty squishy even with "heavy" armor, so they can't ever hit any units before taking damage and getting destroyed easily, to the point that even slow fragile prisms have them beaten in terms of survivability because at least they can outrange stuff. They have amazing firepower against units, and the mod Yuri Rebalanced dropped the ball by making them OP with almost a prism-level range, so they don't need THAT much, they just need average range to be balanced. A nice compromise there. I can understand giving IFVs that (the Allies have worse AA so you can compensate), but Flak Tracks are already good enough without that IMHO. ITA on Teslas because they're fast nippy glass cannons meant to mainly deal with mobile units, but not sure about Apocs. It doesn't fit their flavor. They're supposed to be slow and powerful juggernauts. Maybe give them +1 extra range instead. Also, their acceleration issue seems to be hardcoded, so you can only fix that by making an identical new unit. Without acceleration, they'd be still slow, but only as slow as BFs and prisms, which would be fair. Just makes sense. In the earlier builds, elite mags had their range worsen against vehicles (from 12 to 10). According to the cnc wiki, it supposedly got fixed, but when I check the original ini, it still has a range of 10. 😖 Elite prisms will be even more nasty now. Killing desos with impunity, not getting outranged by deployed choppers or mags anymore, 14 (!) range in tank bunkers in FFG style games and/or ones with promo crates... The only problem would be actually reaching the elite status. Also yup, artillery units should have great vision. You can't shoot very far if you can't see the target after all. No more getting melted by towers or bunkers you normally outrange just because you didn't clear the shroud yet. I also noticed you gave artillery the flag ToProtect. The AI won't be dumb enough to send them alone to destroy buildings. BFs are micro-heavy because they can behave pretty erratically at times, moving towards a bunch of mind control units, using the built-in machine gun instead of the better weapons from the infantry inside it among other things, so making the built-in weapon better will make it less erratic. Good thinking doing so without really buffing them even more at all otherwise. Depends on the obstacle, but most tanks aren't very good against structures. Miners carry ore, and Yuri's carries even more. And never understood why mags and Apocs take up 6 slots. They should be smaller than a freaking MCV at least. Especially mags because there's no reason why they should be larger than most other vehicles.
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