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How does TS:BoB not interfere with the TS?

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The answer is simple, TS:BoB uses a custom exe modified by me to read custom files.

For example

ecache##.MIX = tibeta##.mix
expand##.mix = tsbeta##.mix

Rules.ini = BETAR.ini
Art.ini = TSB.ini
tutorial.ini = betagame.ini
Ai.ini = TSAI.ini

Language.dll = tsfsbeta.dll

The process of doing so is easyer than you think, it involves looking up the string in the game exe and replacing it with a new one however it isnt all ways straight forward (ill post a tutorial on how to do it after ive looked for all the possibility’s in TD, RA, TS and possibly RA2)

by doing so i have managed to get my mod and a map editor for my mod to only read the files in the core mixes, my ini, dll and mix files. Meaning that as long as no other mod modifys the core mixes my mod can be installed and ran with out conflicting with any other mod or the game.

So, it's just the basic "hex edit the exe to make it use its own files" method invented by Reaperrr for Return of the Dawn. Mkay.

I did some more editing in both the game.exe and language.dll and look what i did

more pics will follow.

first pic: That's just needless showing off IMO -_-

Second pic: PLEASE spell "Forums" correctly in the final release <_<

I know its showing off  as for the second one ive edited it so the url is easyer to remember and fixed the spelling errors.
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