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[Basic] How to Play Tiberian Dawn Over LAN w/ Windows 7

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Last update was on December 18, 2010 at 8:44 PM CT.

Since I had trouble when trying to play over LAN back then. I think I should help people since no one helped me. :D

Table of Contents
1 - Patching/Installing the Game
2 - Connecting
3 - Joining/Hosting a GameII. OPTIONAL STEPS
4 - WorkgroupPatching/Installing the Game
1) If you have The First Decade, install this patch. Your Tiberian Dawn version should be 1.06b revision 1. We don't want that so, after that, install this other patch which will upgrade it to the latest (1.06c).

1.1) If you do not have Tiberian Dawn. You can download the full game here (it is recommended that you install this patch).
2) Well, we gotta connect to a network so double click the icon shown below depending on your way of connecting to the internet.


2.1) Once you have done that you should be connected in the same network and be able to see your friends computer name (picture shown below).

2.2) To get to the network screen go to: Start -> Network OR Start -> (then in the search bar, type "network" then press ENTER).

As you can see we're all in the same network and can see each other.  Which is what we want.
If you have difficulties seeing each other on the network window, please refer to section 4.
Joining/Creating a Game
3) Open C&C. Go to: Multiplayer Game -> Network. As you can see I can see my buddies game and I am gunna go ahead a join it by selecting the game which I want to join by clicking "Join" as shown below.

3.1) Alright sweet. I am inside my buddies game. Now he can simply launch the game by clicking "OK" and we're off to a great game.

3.2) Have fun!

4) If you cannot see each other on the network window. You must be in the same "Workgroup". Follow the steps below...

4.1) Start -> RIGHT CLICK on "Computer" then "Properties" as shown below.

4.2) A window should appear on your screen. Once it has opened, look in the top left corner as shown below and click "Advanced system settings".

4.3) Once there. Another window will appear. There will be 5 tabs. Click on the one that says "Computer Name" as shown below.

4.4) Alright. Now I can see my computer name and the Workgroup I am currently in as shown below. By default I am pretty sure it's "WORKGROUP". To change the name of your Workgroup click "Change...".

4.5) Ok, now what?  Well obviously you can change your Workgroup name by typing in a name desired for your Workgroup as shown below.

All the computers must be in the same desired Workgroup name.

4.6) Alright, now click "OK". Well now you should be in the same Workgroup now. Go out and play!
I truly hope that this was easy enough to follow.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to post a reply below.
You must get permission before you post this onto another website and credit must be given!
Contact: [email protected]
Guide written by Gavin "godly-cheese" Anderson


W00t, thanks Tore.

Added sections 2.3 to 2.9.

umm.. kinda odd of you to assume all Win7 users use WIRELESS network.


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