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  1. APC's are disabled for that mission (for whatever reason).
  2. Weird, because when I removed the "Set Stavros as teamtype" trigger I didn't get a crash anymore. Oh well, not important. Evacuation: "This might be one of those Missions where I should use light tanks" Amusingly this map I'd never use light tanks xD And I always play it by just destroying the entire soviet base, I'm too lazy to load a bunch of civvies into transports.
  3. And I discovered the coolest mod of them all. It even comes complete with mining and unloading animations.
  4. I just had it crash every time, presumably because the method of generating Stavros of a "lose when destroyed" teamtype just doesn't make sense within RAEDs logic limits. Still, looking forward to more!
  5. They are supposed to both move, but the map isn't designed for when you manage to not trigger the first mammoth thats destroying the village near the start. It recruited that mammoth instead of the 2nd one on the bridge. Also fun fact, opening the mission in RAED and then immediately saving it causes the mission to crash on startup.
  6. The first few times I played personal war was an adventure of going insane for a while. Also those mammoth tanks (or one of them) on the bridge bugged out because of RA's attrocious TeamType recruitment system.
  7. Wow is Tiberian Sun so sacred to you that people aren't alliowed to play it for fun ? Ignore him. Looking forward to the TS campaigns.
  8. You forget that Light tanks do have a shorter range, so they are more likely to take damage as well.
  9. You know in that last mission Sea Scorpions are by far the most cost-effective Anti-air defense. But nice Kirov strat, never thought of that before.
  10. You were confused as to why the civvies were hostile, but did you not see them dropping flares for soviet paratroopers? Thats where the flamers were coming from.
  11. Those are some of the cutscenes and footage ingame yes.
  12. There is logic that when an AI player is destroyed all the other AI players ally together and target the Player. Which as Tore says, is probably caused by the "ParanoidAI" Setting.
  13. I didn't realise garrisoned buildings could shoot over walls, nice! Chrono Legionnaries make that mission too easy though.
  14. That is the fine line there.... I purposely refrain from exploiting the AI so I can best take in what the creator was trying to express. Of course, if I found the mission annoyingly frustrating as shit and just wanted to beat it, I'd probably resort to those last ditch efforts. HOWEVER-- when scripting a mission, I absolutely assume players are going to attempt these tactics and I do everything in my (limited) power to counter them. Be it through map layout, smart airstrikes, teamtype commands, etc. Oh shit, while writing this, you posted 2 new missions! heh heh, I can't keep up, lol! Ultimately the challenge I think is writing a mission the way you intended for people to do it, and then trying to cover the OTHER ways that players will find to do it. "Oh theres a cheeky avoiding tactic here, I'll just place this mammoth tank and boom! No problem!"
  15. I'm kind of curious what you mean. I never got that impression and figured it was on purpose that I couldn't build Mammys or Adv comm. I figured that the exposed back end of the Nod base was supposed to allow sneaky chopper tactics (thinking of Hostile Takeover) Was fun when I discovered I wasted $1500 on a useless helipad but oh well.....
  16. Ah yes.... this is why "attack units/base" sucks. That is what they target. To bypass this, I usually have enemy teams move through a series of waypoints in the intended player base area before eventually going to "attack base." They will shoot at anything in their range as they "move" from waypoint to waypoint. The only side-effect of this is that if the player, for whatever reason, builds their base somewhere else on the map. Then the teams seem to insanely jog through a weird zig zag of points before heading off to the northern-most targets. So, I always try to make it so it's either impossible to build anywhere else, or just silly. Does the teamtype Order "Patrol to waypoint" exist in C&C95? In RA I can just order AI units to patrol to where your base should be so that they don't get stuck and they will actually attack things that get in the way.
  17. Yes the line OreGrowthRate (look for it in rules.ini) tends to get fiddled with because most RA players are too lazy to play for resources. Hence the ore growth rate is absurd.
  18. Scorpions Sting had a very nice idea, but I might've broken the mission with a highly exploitable AI when I played it I left a minigunner lying around in the top left area of the Map and all the attacking Nod units got stuck. Also did you check GDI had the right tech level? it almost looked as if you wanted us to use Chinooks but they couldn't be built.
  19. I found it hard to preserve the 2 tanks at the very start (which is obviously critical), once I got the first repair bay it was fairly easy from then on.
  20. I tried these, they seem cool. The GDI mission is very plain and simple, was the objective just to destroy the Hand of Nod? The Nod mission I found a little frustrating. You had to get a bit lucky on Rocket Launcher damage RNG if you wanted to keep your 2 tanks alive, then we had tanks unloading from helicopters (cmon, you can do better than that), and then once I got into the 2nd segment of the GDI base the game crashed. Oh well. I liked the use of the repair bay though.
  21. I thought all Allied nations are the same as Germany, that's what I've been told last year at least. That is the case on cncnet. I think in singleplayer its those values..... I think.
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