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  1. I can agree with that. Some of the Covert Ops missions are really hard. Then just when I get past that I get a big drop of MattAttacks ultra-pro missions and begin to question my sanity. Woo. (Still, more singleplayer content is always good)
  2. I agree. I'd do the same but I don't have a Mic and don't think my voice would go down so well xD
  3. See this is that awkward moment when I'm the 3rd guy to push his channel here. Oh well, lets do it anyway. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo9itY5GOyC5GgVJrCfjQSw
  4. It's the time in Minutes it takes between ore growth (on the slowest setting?). Basically its Linear.
  5. Yeah thats fine. Decimals are accepted on the Majority of values (including unit stats)
  6. I'm going to very casually drop these links here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hio4u50taew https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnyX5OyMRaQ
  7. Small update - Added a small Youtube video of some gameplay (ayyy first video on my new channel woo)
  8. Very quick balance update push (only a small one) - but yes to the one person who downloaded v2.2 you'll have to download it again. Whoops. Quick changes: - Removed the buildtime buff for the Royal factions. (It turned out to be really OP) - General game buildtime for both factions has been shortened (0.8 -> 0.7) - Riflemen have had a damage down (15 -> 12) - Mammoth Tank has had a small armour down (1280 -> 1200) and Mammoth Tusk damage reduced (60 -> 35) - Turret HP has been reduced (800 -> 700) Thats pretty much it.
  9. Never fear! Version 2.2 is here! With a change in Aircraft, Naval units and an Overhaul of Rocket physics, here's what v2.2 has to offer. ~Naval Units~ Naval units are now readily functioning within the game, and I'll give a short rundown of how things will probably work out. With Destroyers and Gunboats heading out against Submarines and Gunboats, things will probably get quite messy. The general method of fighting is this: Gunboats > Subs Subs > Destroyers Destroyers > Gunboats. The poor Royal gunboats are exposed to air attacks until they manage to scramble some missile subs out there (hint: set them to guard mode), while the Corporate destroyers will probably struggle to keep any Royal migs off them and the more valuable Cruisers. Gunboat's little main gun has had its damage reduced, and destroyer's Missile weapon has been buffed, but it's anti-submarine capabilites weakened. ~Aircraft~ Now that I've finally got Migs and Longbows working the way I want them to, we should see some more interesting air combat in the later game. With the Corporate longbows you have tank-munching machines, designed to pierce even the strongest of armour with brutual efficiency. You'll find them very effective against any fool who forgot to bring air defenses. However the Royal migs are just as dangerous. With their lightning speed and quick attacks you'd barely see them coming before they pelt your units and structures with a deadly dose of shrapnel. Also strong vs armoured targets, try to avoid grouping up with these things around! ~Rocket Physics~ The changes to rocket physics should allow much more reliable damage from the majority of the ground-based missile weapons. The missiles now tend to be just straight shots with no real homing effect. Players who have played Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn will understand what this means. Rocket Soldiers, Rocket Buggies, The Rocket Box and the MLRS have all had an accuracy (and therefore potency) boost. Despite this, only the Rocket buggy has actually been nerfed to take in this effect. Full changelog: Royals: Rocket Buggy damage has been reduced (23 -> 21) Light Tank damage has been slightly increased (20 -> 23) Mammoth Tanks have had a damage nerf (80 -> 60), but a large Armour boost (900 -> 1280) V2 Rockets now cost $800 (from $900) Flamer Range has been reduced (3.5 -> 2.75) Flame Tank HP has been reduced (400 -> 375) Missile Sub Damage has been increased (150 -> 250) and they now cost $3500 (was $4500) The Royal Armies can no longer construct helipads All Royal Countries have had a build time decrease (1.0 -> 0.9) to allow them to tech up faster Corporations: Medium Tank HP has been buffed (430 -> 450) Heavy Tank HP has been Buffed (450 -> 470) Humvee attack range has been increased (4 -> 4.25) Artillery range has been increased (7 -> , and its ROT has been increased (3 -> 4) AA Gun has had its damage reduced (50 -> 35) Pillbox now costs $500 (was $400) The MLRS HP nerf has been removed (260 -> 280) but its cost has been increased to $1200 (was $900) The Stealth Tank now uses the M60mg as a secondary (Was Vulcan), has had a small hp buff (140 -> 160) but a primary damage decrease (80 -> 60) Chronosphere now costs $1800 (was $2000), The same applies to Chronotank. Cruiser now costs $3000 (was $2800) and has had a small decrease in HP (500 -> 450) Destroyer's missile Launcher has had a large damage buff (25 -> 45) Destroyers Anti Submarine has had a big damage Nerf (100 -> 40) M.A.D. Tanks have had a large damage buff (Units: 75%, Buildings: 60%), has had an increased detonaton time (120 -> 200) and now costs $2500 (was $2000) The Corporate Army can no longer construct Airfields Other Changes: Gunboats cannon has had a damage reduction (20 -> 15) Gunboats Anti Submarine has had a damage buff (50 -> 75) Bio Lab now costs $2500 (was $3500) War Factory hp has been increased (1100 -> 1200) Engineers can now capture a building at 50% Health, and Engineers deal 50% damage to a building above half health (basically this means it needs 2 engineers to capture a full-health building) Chrono Tank recharge time has been reduced. Rocket Soldiers damage has been increased (20 -> 23) The hollowpoint (special AP) warhead* has had a small decrease vs targets with "Light" Armour (70% -> 65%) *This Affects the Rocket Buggy, Longbow and Rocket Soldiers Mine Layers now cost $400 (from $600) Bugfixes: No bugs to fix, but missing/incomplete features have now been completed. New Bugs No new bugs to report Planned updates for v2.2a: None at the moment - will analyse balancing and feedback before doing anything. Extra additions (on the original post) Map pack has been updated ( a couple of maps have been removed, partly because they didn't work) Rules.ini has also been updated Tech Tree images have been updated.
  10. I've never used "discovered" partly because I can never get it to work. And yes, Stealthed units not triggering Celltriggers is a just-as-annoying problem in Red Alert too.
  11. I located it with the stealth tanks and then just dropped the airstrike on it, before they'd even built a Refinery. Then I airstriked the Weapons factory and its was gg.
  12. I've played a large chunk of these missions (lets say about 60%) and the majority of these missions are quite well designed and tend to work fairly well. I'd say your mapmaking skills are pretty good. Extra Comments: I get crashes about 3-4 minutes in on "Freedom Fighters" (I think its that one) - might be a borked trigger. Teamtypes seem well designed and actually test you at times. Only negative is your obsession with unloading vehicles out of helicopters (that just annoys me) I actually found the Airstrike ability on Phantom Strike to make it way too easy, and managed to blow up the GDI conyard before they'd even built any buildings. The enemy AI seems to stack an enormous amount of infantry/vehicles outside their Barracks/Weap/Airstrip - I've had this problem in RA but I don't know if you can limit infantry in TD like you can in RA. If you can, do this. Some of the missions (especially the Nod ones) are really damn hard. I seem to be going through phases of repeatedly restarting just to get map knowledge (or that awkward moment on Unscheduled acquisition where I only had 1 engi, whoops)
  13. Hey everyone! I know this mod was dead for a while but recently I found some part of me that wanted to get this back up and running again, and fix all the Bugs! Hence, the release of: Civil Warfare v2.1d Balance changes since v2.1: Royals: Rocket Buggy now costs $300 (from $450), but cannot carry any Passengers. They have had a slight damage boost (20 -> 23) but a HP nerf (190 -> 170) Light tanks have had their damage reduced (25 -> 20) Royals are now able to build turrets after Refinery V2 Rockets now cost $900 (from $1000) Flame Tanks now cost $700 (from $800) and Flamer weapon deals more damage (40 -> 45) - This affects the infantry flamer as well. Mammoth Tanks have had another damage buff (75 -> 80). Tesla tanks have also had a damage buff (80 -> 95) SAM sites have increased damage (25 -> 36) Submarines now have Increased Armour (190 -> 390) Royal Tent has had a HP nerf (400 -> 300) Corporations: Medium Tanks have had their ROF buffed (65 -> 55) and a slight HP buff (420 -> 430) Humvee costs $350 (From $400) Artillery now costs $600 (from $700) and have had a small damage up (160 -> 175) AA Gun now deals double damage (25 -> 50) MLRS has had a small HP Nerf (280 -> 260) but can now crush people (which doesn't mean much but hey) Stealth Tank now uses Vulcan as a secondary weapon. Ukraine Country bonus has been nerfed. Other Changes All units have been generally slowed down (except Air). Refineries now hold $2000 like before. Kennels now Require a Power Plant to be built first (previously after Conyard) Turrets now require a refinery to be built first, but are available to both factions (previously just Corporate after barracks) Airfield now requires a Radar Dome (previously after Refinery) Hinds have had a HP nerf (190 -> 130) and a small damage down (30 -> 24) Longbows and Migs have been experimentally changed to new weapon types (untested - be careful) Slightly faster Ore growth rate (1.7 -> 1.6) Rocket Soldiers now cost $180 (from $200) and their Anti-Tank rockets have had a small damage buff (20 -> 23) and their Anti-Air rockets have had a huge buff (25 -> 40 damage) and (3 -> 6 Range) Harvesters have had a HP buff (800 -> 900) Nuke Silo now costs $4000 (was $3000) War Factory now costs $2800 (was $3000) Bugfixes - Rocket Buggies can no longer crush people - Rocket Buggies no longer go invisible when loading passengers (because now they cannot load any at all) - The Royal Barracks Tent no longer drains any power. New Bugs - No new bugs to report. Planned updates for v2.2 - Slight cost nerf to Pillbox - Country Bonuses rebalancing. - Balance and distribute Air units - Balance Naval units. Also added: A small v2.1d map pack is attached to the original post, as well as the updated Rules.ini file. Also attached very basic images of the two tech trees. Have fun everyone!
  14. "Unnauthorised units have entered the area" "Oh yes as opposed to the Authorised units already here" XD Also I don't remember the cruisers arriving that early. Weird.
  15. Jacko

    Nation Tier List

    I see what you did there. I agree.
  16. Rushing as Nod can be a powerful Meta. Rushing as GDI is Risky, ballsy and fairly infrequent (But it can work very well)
  17. I think you're thinking of the wrong mission. (Are you thinking about Trapped and not Fresh Tracks?) You don't have a CY in the first Siberian Mission.
  18. try suiciding individual units into crates to wipe out Soviet Patrols. Also for the first 20 minutes with no trucks, stick mines all over the map
  19. I was more amazed when watching these to discover that the Nod base in GDI 12 (where you evacuate Moebius) doesn't even start with enough Power. Like really?
  20. I'd suggest making some snow maps. We don't see enough of those in C&C1 right now.
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