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  1. I'm not certain about C&C1 but I know in RA it will try to produce required units from both.
  2. Pretty much this. Theres a 0% chance of EA doing it for you. It's not easy, thats for sure. Although PS1 RA had a neat shortcut for building units.
  3. Aftermath also changed a lot of core things, such as: Build Speed Cap Certain units/structures had changed properties, the most obvious one being the Turret This and some of the new units broke the tank-spam meta somewhat, and hence most RA players didn't like it. (I mean, uncrushable tank busters, like ok)
  4. Hardly anyone plays aftermath, so no. Which is a shame.
  5. Much better suicide unit than the Medic Demo Truck though.
  6. Or just fix the broken mechanics that the units exploit or fix the units themselves. But then we're going into full modifying than small changes.
  7. WOW This is awesome! I may have had a huge nerdgasm over that Mission select screen though, holy god thats cool.
  8. You need to change them in Aftermth.ini Change their tech level value to a number that isn't -1
  9. You have to incorporate Warhead Type within weapon damage, plus AA guns look strong with 25dmg because most Aircraft have really low HP and the AA gun has a high ROF
  10. Have AI-controlled players ever taken notice of Gap Generators? I assumed they always ignored them.
  11. Try removing DPI scaling (or whatever it says) in compatibility options.
  12. And the people that read this thread I'll test this mission soonish, when im next not busy.
  13. Difficult mission Cruel economy Particularly frustrating when either: A: Wandering tanks get marmalised by really close proximity obelisks B: A group of artillery suddenly one-shot the tech centre C: RNG on team generation gives you about 30 mixed units to deal with before you've finished capturing the teal base Seems pretty well designed though, looks sleek and generally properly put together.
  14. Readme also has explains other features like mini-campaigns and embedding tutorial.ini text inside your map file. I haven't really sorted the feature list by feature type, I added extra map trigger actions but those actions are listed at the end of the readme files, stuff like launching nukes, building/selling buildings for Houses, iron curtain zones and other things were added, including IIRC triggers for adding money and changing houses for objects. I could never get any of those new triggers to fire properly. You got any examples I can clone?
  15. It didn't work in Tiberian Dawn, why would it work now?
  16. how about playing without using grenadiers That would make life pretty interesting. Or for Nod players do no flamers or no bikes.
  17. Version 2.3 is in the works, almost ready for release.
  18. Oh god not the Caravans ~ TaxOwlBear 2016
  19. Pretty sure this is a legit tactic. Have you ever tried building a helipad? Do you know how fast they build? Please don't tell me you had 99999999 starting money. This does highlight though that apaches are overpowered as fuck.
  20. I spent the best part of 45 minutes sieging the damn Nod base until I could actually break down those obelisks. And then I realised I could build more orcas. Nice looking map, AI seemed to accumulate an absurd amount of infantry.
  21. Wait, what? I though only shells and rockets did that, and tesla weapons would only burn them like fire? :O Try it
  22. Loved that mission. Glad to see you went and smashed everything instead of just rushing the Chronosphere. Also for future note: Tesla weaponry shred through trees.
  23. I plan to do that, but there's only so many upload slots! However, I'm currently doing a mod spotlight thing on Mondays and Tuesdays, and I can probably play some custom missions/campaigns in that time slot. Sounds awesome. Maybe I should get on and finish my SP campaign already.
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