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  1. Now all we need is the fix to be able to see players and maps in lobbies again...
  2. AFAIK you need to add the [Aftermath] NewUnitsEnabled=1 to Every mission file to get it to work.
  3. You mean even if the spy isn't in it? Yep
  4. Funny thing is when I first played this mission (I was like 5) I was doing terribly, but I discovered you win if you blow up the transport simply because I didn't have the units left to do it properly. Hooray for game bugs!
  5. This is exactly the problem. In fact I could use it to argue that SSM Would NOT be excessively powerful if it was a GDI weapon.
  6. Except that turning around and running home is a worse idea than staying and fighting, at least then you take some enemies with you. Nod's fast units mean you can't just run away.
  7. You seem to forget that most players will stack a whole bunch of units protecting their SSM missiles. If you have mammoths you can probably ignore the SSM when you charge out and smash everything, except usually you lose before you can get mammoths.
  8. Found your problem. You activated "retarded mode".
  9. That is the only way that possibly makes sense. Why it's not set to "destroyed by anybody" I will never know.
  10. So I've had plenty of experiences on this forum and on the cncnet servers playing Tiberian Dawn - So I've decided to voice my thoughts on it (which is something I don't do enough) The client and its features Anyone who played on WOL or (in my case) cncnet4 knows full well that the features the Cncnet5 client offers are a whole lot better than anything previous. Things like hires, map transfer (and the ease of creating new ones)* and improved (but not perfect) connectability have massively improved the player's experience, as well as attracted a large quantity of new players, which is great right? *There are some good maps, but equally there are some very bad maps. The client is by no means 100% perfect, but any gripes/suggestions about that have mostly been covered in White's "Tib Dawn wishlist topic" http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=5079.0 In general - this is good. The actual game itself Now as we all know there have been several discussions over the balancing of the game, mostly involving Overpowered and Underpowered units. I'm now going to attempt to describe what I think about the games balancing and how it can be improved. So... simply put: Nod >> GDI There is no real situation for the majority of the game where GDI have any sort of advantage in any area at all. Except about 20 minutes in when you've somehow amassed 20+ mammoths without getting rekt. Here is my justification why: Nod's light units are ridiculously powerful and can quickly overrun anything regardless of what is in their way. Many newer players think that it is all about the bikes, and this is partially true, but really there is a much bigger collection of problems amongst any player foolish enough to pick GDI. Buggies. These little nightmares will just ignore anything you fire at them, fire their pew pew pew death gun and erase anything you own in half decent numbers. This is caused almost entirely by the fact that these bastards only cost $300, which means you can amass a million of these things at almost no cost and with no real way of your opponent having anything to deal with it. Many people believe that humvees are your only answer. They *should* have been helpful but frankly you're just digging an even bigger hole for yourself because a humvee is just a buggy that costs 33% more for some 7% increase in armour. REAL USEFUL HUH?. Frankly the buggy damage vs infantry, light vehicles and the majority of structures is so staggeringly high that you can wreck stuff immediately with the cheapest unit in the game. Why? Verdict: Buggies are ridiculously overpowered. I would give buggies half HP to make Nod players think about how to deal with humvees and infantry more carefully, rather than spamming a million buggies and forgetting about it. Bikes Newer players seem to understand that bikes, for what they are, are rather powerful. In fact bikes on their own are not so bad (should you have any idea how to mitigate them), but their cheapness and high damage is somewhat concering when you realise they have a rate of damage comparable to a medium tank, which costs some $300 more. This combined with their high speed and excellent AA qualities, makes them really really powerful. At least their low-ish HP makes them valuable targets for the enemy. Verdict: Maybe need a minor nerf, but nothing too much. SSM Missiles Everyone loves a ranged weapon that cannot be touched, hence they gave one to the team that really didn't need one. Nod already has the artillery, which when used appropriately is everything they should need. But the issue is that these guys are pretty much un-touchable. If you use aircraft bikes will trash you, if you use tanks they get rekt by bikes, if you use infantry the flamers/buggies/SSMs will flatten them, and a combination of anything will still lose for the same reason. For $750 you can get a basically indestructible supermissile that will, over time, erase anything the enemy has, without drawbacks. Honestly, I don't know what the westwood devs were thinking when they gave the SSM to Nod. Verdict: Crazy powerful, simply because they cannot be countered. Make it more expensive, make it require temple, or simply remove it from multiplayer. Light Tanks The problem with these guys is that actually, they are NOT powerful at all. These guys have low armour for a tank, move fairly slow and have utterly terrible damage output. Hence, nobody uses them. In fact, these guys aren't useless (they are mostly there to take hits and squish infantry so bikes and buggies can do the real damage). They have their uses, but they suck at what westwood designed them for. (i.e. killing vehicles) Verdict: Needs a damage buff at the least, these things are mostly useless. Flamers Everyone knows the power these guys have. Any group of infantry is at risk whenever these guys are around, if they get close they will ejaculate their 5000 tonnes of "fuck you" all over your infantry in a 1-tile radius, and render them pretty much useless. The simple problem of this is because GDI players NEED infantry to be able to do anything, tanks alone will get owned, but one or two well-placed flamers and you will be stuck with tanks alone... and lose. These guys do a crazy amount of damage, and then just do that little bit more when they die. I have no problem with flame tanks, simply because they are designed as a slow-nightmarish fear weapon, which can be killed before it does too much damage, unlike their little walking counterparts. Hence: Verdict: A bit Overpowered. Maybe make more expensive and/or nerf their damage/speed. Turrets and Obelisks Obelisks are frustrating and annoying, but in the general balance of the game they are not so bad, simply because lategame they are the only real way to counter mammoths, but with their low Armour they are still easy pickings for ion cannons and infantry. Turrets, on the other hand, are little nightmarish assholes that will not ever die. For $600 you get what is basically a stationary medium tank that is repairable and will slice up GDI vehicles like a knife through butter. Which means, with some small number of turrets you can make your base indestructible for the first 10 minutes of the game because vehicles that cost more and take longer to build will get shredded. Verdict: Obelisks are fine, turrets need some kind of cost/damage nerf, because they are just ridiculous. Apaches Lets just agree that for a quick $6000 you can make any GDI building, harvester or vehicle (with the exception of mammoths) instantly disappear from the map. If they run into AA they might die, but getting decent AA coverage that apaches won't just go around (or shoot down) is frankly impossible or just outright super expensive. Especially when you get nuked and then you cant save any of your base from apaches anyway. Verdict: Stupidly high damage, but that's it really. Now that we have highlighted why Nod are so powerful, lets highlight the problems from a GDI player's point of view. The weapons factory Arguably one of the worst thought-out faction balancing mechanics ever created. Your weapons factory is so weak it will die to ANYTHING. A small buggy rush, a few flamers, a couple aircraft, you name it. This weakness is such a huge nerf on GDI, which is rather unfair given that they were already inferior to Nod anyway. Earlygame you will lose it immediately to buggy/bike rushes, midgame to apaches and lategame to a 1-shot nuke. The amount of money required to protect your weapons factory vastly outstrips the cost to a Nod player that destroys it. Or worse, they just ignore it and target everything else you own. Its a lose-lose situation sadly. Verdict: Of course it needs more HP. Give it the HP of a conyard at MINIMUM. These things die to a feather and make GDI just unplayable on some maps. Guard Tower and Advanced Guard Tower These things are not so bad at what they do, but the Guard Tower lacks any decent health, and the advanced guard tower just doesn't do enough splash damage. Maybe if buggies got nerfed this wouldn't be so much of an issue. Rocket Launcher and Humvee Rocket launcher is well known as something that is legitimately useless. It has terrible Armour, low damage and requires the advanced communications centre to build. Nothing else needs to be said. Sadly for GDI this is their only real unit that is any sort of artillery. If only they had something like the SSM... Humvees are generally regarded as players think they are much more powerful than they actually are. I already pointed out that compared to a buggy they are just hugely inefficient, and frankly using any more than 3 humvees in a vehicle fight and you are just harming yourself. Buggies, Bikes, Light Tanks, Flame tanks (mostly buggies) will totally smash your humvees into the ground like nothing. You use them to scout and maybe beef up vehicle numbers, but other than that, forget using them. Orcas Orcas look snazzy, build quick and have good anti-armour damage (but fairly poor damage to most buildings). Shame that bikes are so strong against them that these guys just are not useful. I think I've covered everything I wanted to. Anyone can counter-argue all they like but I think I've justified my reasoning enough. Now, onto the next topic. The community Generally the cncnet community is filled with nice people (with that one exception, see below), who want to support newer players, make better maps, and make the game more enjoyable with other players. Since cncnet 5 we have acquired a decent-sized group of well-skilled players and we can have some nice games. There is no ultimate #1 player. Yes I got beat by ehy recently, but you know what? I don't care. They were very close games (Paritcularly the first round, 2nd round I was GDI so I wasn't going to win anyway), but ehy played better and he can say what he likes. This does however, lead me onto my next topic of discussion, and my one community exception. Chem I am just going to come out and say it, this guy is an asshole, and regardless of how good he might be at the game, I refuse to ever play with him again because: Ever since he joined the forum (about a year ago now) he has just treated me like I am a piece of shit, and has been just as disrespectful to other players. Lets just select a few of his "other names" for a tiny portion of the evidence. *impersonating other players He's had numerous topics about shitposting other players (Including Me, ehy, Mattattack...) locked. He's been muted/banned multiple times for being racist. He is simply that asshole at the party trying to ruin everyone elses fun. Frankly I was hugely disappointed that he was unbanned recently and up until yesterday I've at least tried to put up with his shit. And I know there are a decent number of players willing to back me up here. He could be the best player in the world but he is such an asshole I would still have him banned. So other than the fact chem is allowed on here, I like the Tiberian Dawn community on cncnet. Its a whole lot better than the Tiberian Sun community where everyone hates each other/accuses each other of dcing/cheating/whatever repeatedly for whatever reason. But whatever. /Rant Over Now get out there and enjoy 2016 and whatever it may bring you.
  11. Jacko

    Banned no reason!

    The bot has been tightened recently, to some kind of ridiculous over-policing level.
  12. I got that exact feel when playing Red Dawn, the subtle differences actually can mean quite a lot. Shame the rocket damage properties in RA suck compared to C&C1
  13. I agree. Rhinos alone are useless. They just get shredded by GIs and other junk. The Soviet's real problem is other than desos they lack anything else. Supers at least mitigate some of the problem, but nobody is ever ballsy enough to play with them on. Allies all the way.
  14. IIRC any non-human controlled units automatically go to hunt upon game start, regardless of what you told them to do.
  15. I think the standard of map has dropped lately, we don't see as many cool maps with decent money and balanced infantry/vehicle paths etc (maps like bushlands, blistering sands and the such - theres a reason these maps are my favourites). The current most popular type of map is the "stupidly extreme amounts of tiberium" type maps, which I don't find so fun really. Especially maps like Injustice for all or the HJK v2 which are just a big blob of tiberium and nothing else.
  16. Jacko

    Weird lag

    Was trying to play a game of TD with someone, but was getting super lag Played a RA game with same person and it was fine. I was a little confused as to why it was randomly lagging, any ideas?
  17. Some Quick updates: - Released some singleplayer missions for CW (link in original post) - Updated Rules to v2.1 (See original post) Known Bugs - Rocket Buggy can crush stuff (This is pretty OP to be honest, but I can't get a non-turreted and non-crusher vehicle to work properly, waiting on a fix for the crusher=yes/no) - Royal Barracks was still draining power (This should be fixed by making it provide +5 power instead) - Tesla Tanks were unbuildable (I accidentally deleted their entry from Rules.ini - this should also be fixed now) All of these have been fixed in v2.1d
  18. I have decided to make some singleplayer content for Civil Warfare v2.1, simply because I thought it would be cool to try and write some missions around the new rules and logic. Before I write anything from scratch however I have decided to convert the Expansions missions first, simply because it was easier. So first I have released the modified Counterstrike missions, featuring 9 Royals Missions* and 6 Corporate Missions** The missions have generally been made harder and a couple of them have had their primary objective altered slightly. *Mousetrap was changed from a Corporate mission to a Royal mission, although not much has actually changed. **Having some strange problems with Proving grounds, may need to re-write from scratch. I've also updated the rules.ini with some small balance fixes. The ingame text has not been modified, I will post a complete fix for these when I have completed the aftermath missions. Also attached are the extra SHP files required to be able to run the mod. Corporate-Counterstrike.7z Royal-Counterstrike.7z rules.ini EXPAND.MIX
  19. For the missing mass problem, all nucleons have a "Binding Energy", which is simply the energy needed to glue them together. When considering Mass and Energy are basically the same thing (E = MC2) The Mass defect is simply the binding energy of the Nucleus. This is different for various nuclei (and isotopes). For the Alpha Decay's extra electrons, its likely that while the ion might initially have a 2- charge its most likely that the electrons will just migrate from the Negative ion to the positive alpha particle. (Don't quote me on this, I've never thought about it before)
  20. I think the only real issue is the "re-routing" effect you get when passing over narrow bridges and things. That is just straight up annoying.
  21. when it gets to 29 units click the icon again to go to 30 Hence you'e built 31 units in 1 go 31 > 30 Job done.
  22. Meh. I just think it's a bit useless to make a video showing how you completely waste an army with which you can wipe out the enemy base in that mission. It's like making a video of the N64 GDI special ops #1 mission where you target your first airstrike in the shroud to take out the chem lab. Sure you win the mission, but it's not really worth watching. Or a video of the 20 tries previous to that trying to hit the lab and missing. it's more fun when you task yourself to destroy the entire base instead.
  23. Yeah theres a few random discrepancies in C&C cutscenes aren't there like the GDI textured flame tanks in C&C1 Or the ending cuscene where the chronosphere wipes out allied attacking units? As for the mission itself, Gap Generators are nice, but they only actually have an effect when using them against human players. And destroying the enemy base makes your life very easy, but I don't think the devs intended for that to be possible. I remember when Allen updated this mission for red dawn, the Nod base is impossible to break down
  24. Don't forget to spread them because they explode if destroyed. And don't leave them unattended either Otherwise some pirates come in and steal them all.
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