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  1. Damn, that's a pretty fine map for being made for the casual scene. Good job. Wanna join my creative's discord? We have many map makers who like to put out polished maps.
  2. This is the wrong thread to ask this. Though I'll answer it anyway, as I did this myself, just delete or rename the taunts folder which holds the included .wav sound files.
  3. Try it on an original map that comes with the cncnet client.
  4. This will always happen, with remasters, with sequels, with prequels, etc... Nothing to worry about, the dumbest thread I've read.
  5. Lashers, Magnetrons, Disks and opponents tanks. Delicate my arse.
  6. Staff generates them when part of an update.
  7. Players who play Soviet on maps like these are used to it being 'hard' its part of the Allied vs Soviet naval match. Put more ore on the higher ground.
  8. I don't play 'fun games' like you, I QM 90% of my games on cncnet.
  9. Making Yuri more combatable and accessible would solve a 15 year old problem.
  10. So is not having a conversation or a discussion.
  11. Not from my perspective. The only reason for me is: We don't have the manpower to keep making and adjusting new maps. The QM needs regular quality map pool updates similar to SC2 to keep it from becoming too stagnant. You can gather as much data as you want, but the fact remains that QM will only attract a specific kind of player left in its current state.
  12. I've spent the last half a year balancing maps and the map pool to make playing vs Yuri easier. To support your method as evidence all of those maps should be removed for the 'data gathering' month so you can get your proof unedited. I made the patch because I'm not willing to spend full time two weeks of a month editing and testing maps to ensure fair odds to all three sides. The patch is aimed at allowing a wider map pool dynamic as opposed to a centralised large flat map type.
  13. I can see you've put a lot of work into this, but some suggestions. Remove all bunkers as navy maps are easy to camp already, thus the bunkers make landing craft based attacks even more difficult to pull off. Remove the reactor for the top left as that spot is not actually all that exposed as you think, by building along the shoreline that spot is the most protected from naval attacks from carriers and dreadnaughts. Also, the bottom middle oils force the map to be always played as Left vs Right because in Top vs Bottom the bottom would have an early economy advantage from the oils.
  14. I agree, when the theme.mix is present with song the client should play the tracks in the menus.
  15. Someone has agreed to do an interview with me and then type it up. I'll explain each and every change.
  16. I've already involved all interested players and parties in testing and development and published successfully. I'm sorry that you weren't there to see the enduring process and the amount of effort it took to reach this point, but I refuse to listen to your slandering.
  17. Usually below 10 or until a major advantage or disadvantage is identified. Do I look like I'm omniscient? This is not realistically possible and clearly evident in the result of the original game's design. When possible then yes I do. 6-8 competitive players who are active and open-minded enough to actually test something like this without trolling. The number of hours it took me to adapt to playing Yuri's Revenge coming from XWIS RA2, combined with feedback from most of the community, including Yuri players themselves. Already answered, there's no need to repeat yourself, I don't have the memory of a goldfish, I hope you don't either. Yes, you already mentioned this and I've taken note of this to recall that this is exactly how it was built up. Then go ahead and actually test this patch in the game instead of repeating yourself endlessly in an hope that someone would agree with you. I'd appreciate some actionable feedback instead of hypothetical criticism which is all you've provided so far. So far you've wasted an hour my time collectively with your posts, I will ignore future hypothesis based criticism and plain complaining.
  18. I'm having an impossible task of explaining to all of you multiple times at this point that this patch has been in development for over a month prior to the release. It started with minor edits, to the magnetron and then to mastermind, then to disk... etc Here, let me quote myself again. These are already included and tackled. So far neither of you have contributed anything constructive. Besides assumptions based on the fact that you weren't part of the long and very demotivating development process, it takes a long time to get people to test, a lot of players would rather troll, flame and give false feedback and also tell other players to avoid taking part in testing.
  19. This here is a perfect example of framing being part of human nature as you so described. Brutes are not all that effective in the early game nor late game, they are just fodder, very expensive fodder and also a very expensive scouting unit. Bio Reactors give too much power per their cost, Yuri can tech very fast to superweapons on one Bio Reactor. Slave miners have so much health that attacking Yuri's Miners is usually quite pointless, it also lets Yuri send his miners across the map to gem patches and build a super economy quite easily.
  20. That's why I'm reading your posts and basing the changes on UNBIASED FEEDBACK. Yours is already biased because you think I'm simply changing things on a personal whim. Why ask Grant, it's my project. While I absolutely love the idea of top players helping out, they are simply not interested in doing this, they just want to play. Also 'top' players like Andy would just troll and change random things to just to joke around. Other than that I've already included many of the top players in testing, a lot of changes are based on their feedback.
  21. A competitive scene should NEVER have a random factor other than luck.
  22. At least for the game's 20th birthday a good community patch should be made.
  23. This pretty much shows perfectly that they realised they fucked up the game design in terms of competitive and tried to fix it through the ladder... 🤣😂😆
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