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  1. I hope its a red alert 2 remaster, if you guys marketed it well and got it onto steam you could have yourselves a real esports rts on the market. You have a lot of regions with high level players. Either way I'm happy the franchise is being looked at in this way1
  2. RIP Jason, really nice guy and a pillar in the community. I will keep my nick in our 2v2 xwis clan!
  3. Allied are the real MvP's! I always found bashing sovs boring after time
  4. I used to help new players at XWIS, was part of the buddy team and we focused on the new guys or any one seeking help. My problem with RA2/YR now is that my passion has gone, i play other games competitively but still have a spot in my heart for RA2, i enjoy just coming online and having fun. If any new guys need help, drop me a DM (happy to help)
  5. Mainly played on Rocketeer, had nicks like iMWaY2Hi, CuZiMLeeT, PrismTank few others (hard to remember i was 10 when i first started playing this game). I used to play lots with Jules (aCnCTanK) lots with Cotty too. used to play alot with Foxi, Fabi, Fonger, Pat, Sash. Was Martin (LaSHrTank) in scandi i forgot. We will have some games if you want dude
  6. Scandi was probably the best clan on RA2 during high activity
  7. Hey Biz, old face nice to see, if you fancy some games hmu
  8. Guys i'm on tonight. Prep DM me your skype so we can stay in tune too dude
  9. Can we do the weekend i'm avaliable all day each day as i'm working from home @XXxPrePxX @JSDS
  10. I'm avaliable today 8 hours from now and then 4/5 hours of online time.
  11. @XXxPrePxX i'll be on today, works christmas do on Saturday so was a mess yesterday! lol!
  12. I'll be in this weekend barring Saturday night as its the works christmas party. other than that i'm free
  13. Prep, shall we get a 3rd? I'll 100% be on anyway
  14. It's all for fun guys too, we going this weekend?
  15. I'd like to say off for the TC wars but YR is best to have them on :/
  16. For old times sake... I think it will be the other way round :P!
  17. Fancy some games soon bro?
  18. +1 - count me in for sure Dan messaged me not so long ago on Skype, he's still about!
  19. Hello, When i go to edit my username it says "Sorry, there is a problem You are not allowed to change your display name. Error code: 1C122/4" Can this be rectified please? Regards Alex
  20. Laming sucks on both FFG and Tourny/Clan more tollerable in FFG but ultimately still trash!
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