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  1. Yeah CNCNet is good to be fair, Olaf needs to join the crew
  2. John, you've converted to CNCNet from XWIS for QM?
  3. This is a classic XWIS post.. Love it! Whois - XxxPrepxx
  4. Cool stuff man, like what you've done there. Would be good to have an indication of players searching which map, I know it's early days just a thought.
  5. Matt is right, YR is more allies friendly but the Superweapons balance the field! BF's are ridiculously OP on this game. I feel RA2 is more skillfull than YR but YR is still equally as enjoyable.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGtrJaiUZaA Pretty cool looking, would love to play lol
  7. LBL is the old school tourney/clan game cheesy game, still fun though.
  8. Ok Grant, that makes more sense. I get that because the accounts aren't authenticated on the client that then holds up having a ladder too. Thanks for the info hopefully this gets sorted :)! I work in IT Infrastructure, if there's anything I can help with let me know
  9. I have been hosting lobbies as "1v1 vs GG Player" get lots of people joining, join next time :)!
  10. ahh is vvvvvw Matt, always thought that was SirAlex for some reason!
  11. Yeah for sure, i'm at work at the moment. PM me your skype and i'll hit you up when i'm back
  12. Not played many good allied players yet. Will keep an eye out, i'm predominately a Korea player but don't consider myself to be top tier
  13. Nice will have to give AuFRuLeR a game or two :)! We should do YR allies and RA2 allies as both a different! Mourad we need to play soon too! Marsh is a great player too. We had some great allied players at XWIS: iScarEPPL, W0nnaPl4y, Marko, Marsh, Donny many others
  14. Proper fanboy nicks I know :P!
  15. been meaning to play with Buffalo, got him on skype but our timezones are well out!
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