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  1. [NRA]Rocketeer

    Ingame Name

    Is there anyway for you guys just have specific nicknames for each user as it looks like multiple people can use the same tag as long as their the only one logged in at the time
  2. ahh ok, not me. I tested using the same username as someone else that wasn't logged in and u can use their name. Someone must be playing as me when i'm not on xD Yeah on XWIS I play as Rocketeer or iFv
  3. I've played a lot of 1v1's as allieds and the best player I've played currently is ico0 - he's pretty good. Plus Marko is the best wherever he goes ;P
  4. Not me no, must be same name didn't know that you could have the same display name
  5. not sure, said he doesn't like my playstyle Yeah I like team games they're fun man. Played on an orange army one, will look out for iHate games
  6. Karambooo doesn't like me xD I still need some GG's guys
  7. We'll play again sometime, playing games on here as well as XWIS
  8. You're friends with Sandeep, you posted on a live video of his some time ago. We did play that day, I won I think
  9. Played against you the other day on Dune Patrol :). I'm new to CNCNet too but XWIS old schooler
  10. Alt is lame because you can't do anything about it. If you do it, you won't be classed as a skilled player. Play fair and have GG's
  11. Heartland is a classic! Love that map. Lake Blitzen also a good map!
  12. UK time I should be on in around that sort of time too dude
  13. Yeah I not disrespect to the player base (I'm not a pro on XWIS no more) but not a lot fo GG players around. Good to see old face here too though! Hit me up PreP we play some time
  14. We should arrange some games Bryan, like ur vids
  15. Quick one, since the update to the client my shortcut breaks and I have pinned the exe to my taskbar but not sure if others are experiencing issues
  16. Hey All, Looking to play with some GG players, IMO on here or in game on Rocketeer
  17. Think I played with you on official B << Rocketeer Should do some more games
  18. Lots of good maps, DMZ, Official B, Heck, CS, LBL... many more
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