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C&C Tiberian Dawn Windows 10 Support


Hi fellow C&C fans,

I've been trying for a couple of days to get C&C 95 working on my Windows 10 Laptop with no luck.

I've followed FunkyFr3sh's instructions (C&C 1 (Tiberian Dawn) Installation on Windows 10) and downloaded and tried a few different versions i could find of Nyerguds patch with no avail.

Depending on the settings/compatability modes i try, i get the following outcomes:

1: Game opens, goes to play the Westwood intro and freezes about 2 seconds in (as some of the ripples appear before the text). No audio plays. Games goes non-responding.

2: Stops at a black screen.

3: Opens the main menu instantly, but clicking on any button causes the game to go Non-responding.

Can someone please help me work out how to get it running?

If anyone knows how to get the DOS version running through DOSBOX (with full Audio & music) I would be more than happy with that, but ideally the C&C 95 version.

Thanks in advance!

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Follow those instructions. There are 3 steps, you need to do all 3 steps. In step 1 download Complete No-CD game installation pack (v1.06c r3, no videos, all music included) After step 1 then close nyerguds site and move on to step 2 where you download and extract the updated config tool. Then do step 3 where you disable all compatibility settings.

After this, you can go back to nyerguds website and install movies and music.

3 steps.

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Hi dkeeton,

Thanks for the quick response. I've repeated those steps about 5 times now, but just to be sure, I un-installed, then followed all 3 steps exactly.

1: Installed to C:/westwood/C&C95 "cc95v106c_r3_u4_full"

2: extracted all the config files into the game directory "td-config"

3: disabled the win 95 compatability that was auto set on the C&C95.exe (all other tick boxes blank)

Then tried the game and got result 3: Opens the main menu instantly, but clicking on any button causes the game to go Non-responding. no music playing at title screen either.

After writing the above, i've gone and installed the video "cc95v106_videobase_eng.1" but didn't do anything for the music as it specifies that it's already installed in the installer.

I then ran the game again (checked that no compatibility was checked) and got the first issue i mentioned "1: Game opens, goes to play the Westwood intro and freezes about 2 seconds in (as some of the ripples appear before the text). No audio plays. Games goes non-responding."

Anything i'm missing?

Could an audio or video setting/resolution be crashing it at a certain point for some reason?

Thanks again,

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4 minutes ago, Hosko21 said:

2: extracted all the config files into the game directory "td-config"

Can you make a screenshot of your game directory.

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Tried both and no change, still 1: Game opens, goes to play the Westwood intro and freezes about 2 seconds in (as some of the ripples appear before the text). No audio plays. Games goes non-responding."


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just tried window mode for all graphics options, still pretty much the same result, slight variations in the first few frames, but all crash in seconds.

i'm about to try disabling no-cd mode and reference the CD, which it keeps saying 'please insert' even though i have it virtually mounted to F:

do you know where the reference config is for the CD?

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Found the CD config location, that didn't help.

just went through and tried every compatibility setting from Win 95 to Windows 8 and no luck.

Still keep getting the same result, see screenshot for where it freezes and 'non responding'

C&C 95 Freeze on startup.PNG

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When you extracted td-config, did you over write every file conflict?

Can you try to install it into My Documents rather than C:\Westwood.

Edited by dkeeton

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Yes i over-wrote every file conflict, should i not?

i'll try now to install to my documents.

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oh my god... so great to hear that intro and opening again. Epic.

Got it working... but with some really weird steps, i'll detail them below and perhaps you can help work out what i did wrong? (maybe we should add it to the guide or something).

i installed to My Documents.

This didn't appear to make a difference.

i copied over the td-config, this time NOT overwriting existing files.

still no good, all this time keeping in 'no comparability mode'

Then i ran CCConfig and disabled 'Use CnC -d Draw (enables advanced options) and set the game resolution to 648x480 and it worked!

i checked the C&C95.exe afterwards and i found that it set the Comparability to Windows 98/Me, so maybe that was part of it, but it didn't work earlier.

Thanks again for all your help.

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      http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/project_stuff/2014/FilterCreator/filterviewer.rar (needs .Net 3.5)
      (Includes a screenshot + all .mrf files for the desert and temperate theaters)
      This is the desert shadow ("shade") filter:

      It seems a lot of the mrf files (like the one used for the shroud edges) have multiple tables inside them. I think this is the shroud edges table (for Temperate):

      The final tool will basically have 2 panes, one to view an existing MRF file on a pic like this already does, while the other will have a previewer for the new theater's screenshot, with a set of hue/brightness/saturation/etc tools to make the image on the other preview pane match the loaded mrf filter view. Then once it matches, it can generate a table out of that.
      I'll probably allow saving these filter values as presets so stuff like for example the shadow under units can easily be generated once the filter values have been figured out.
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      Is this one ddos me or what. Cos i  hardwired to the internet with 300 down and 20 up no throttle no vpn
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      Hello again!
      I have been working on salvaging old computers from my closet so my crew can enjoy some C&C95 together.
      On my old GatewayCx210x, windows XP Sp3, machine, C&C95 Gold works great until I shutdown or restart the computer. Then, after I do a shutdown/restart, I return to open game and nothing happens. The game is in the task manager process list, but never actually opens anything at all. To fix this, I have to uninstall/reinstall C&C95 Gold. I used Nyerguds installer from http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cnc95upd/cc95p106/
      Is this an installer problem and should I try a different installer? What should I do?
      This is just an annoyance. Besides this, the game continues to process great without any weirdness.
      Thanks for any help, appreciate it.
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