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EDIT: Extra details for Medium Tank, Light Tank, Missile Launcher and SSM (TD)


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These were units being used in the mod I was working on, (I should actually get back to that and fully complete something) but these have been converted for use in TD to replace a few units. Here they are.


The Light Tank has some antennae and the TOW missile pod on the turret.

The Medium Tank has 2 antennae.

The Missile Launcher no longer has a glass window front, instead the more realistic armored fronting.

EDIT: Also, I've now added the SSM to the list, It now has an armored front, just like the Rocket Launcher. (I know there's no picture here, but it is in the .rar file attached.)


Also, for those who don't know, because this is just a graphics switch, you can have this mini mod available while you play online against your friends who may or may not also be using this mod.






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Hi guys,

Some comments:


White, take a look


SNOW theater in Tiberian Dawn with Whiteshoes_N_Gloves Squad in action


The TOW module is not visible in Grey hull of the light tank.

When the light tank is GDI, then it's much more present.

Don't have to change anything, just giving a feedback.



A tip for using CCConfig:

1- I've created a MIX file on my own and it's attached - coolguy.mix (see my next post, the file is there)

2- Drop it in the game folder

3- Open CCConfig.exe, go to the GAME OPTIONS

4- in MOD, open it and choose "coolguy.mix", then press OK or Apply

5- Run and play the game


A note for Nyerguds:

I used first a mix file made by MixManager and the extension is ".MIX" (instead of ".mix") and the mod didn't work. It seems to be case sensitive.

Is it?


Anyway, the mod is cool and the mod enabler even cooler!


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Yes, I also noticed that the TOW was hard to see in the grey/white colour scheme and the snow theater doesn't help :S


You can still see it, and yeah, I can't really be bothered changing it, it too freaken ages to make anyway, lol.

I like how it all turned out all in all, gives the sort of feel I like for the units.


Thanks for making a mix of the SHPs and explaining to people how to use them, was thinking about doing that myself, but my own way of enabling it would have been more complicated, so thanks.


Also, the screen shot looks good too, but you should get one with the MLRS in GDI colours along side the Medium Tanks (Abrams), maybe with some hummers nearby :)



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Well, I thought you could see them pretty well on non snow theater maps, I guess they don't have a shadow on the turret though, so it's maybe hard to see where it begins.


Not sure what colour I'd make it... but I could look at darkening it I suppose.



Hmmm, this would actually be allot of work, there are quite a few out of place colours on the block, so I'd first have to map out all the used colours and then figure out which colour is slightly darker, and then I still wouldn't be sure, until I converted the whole thing, if it'd help... and may have to do it all over again, not so keen... but if anyone else wants to have a go, then sure, and I'll be happy to see how it turns out xD


These were just assets I had from my mod I should still finish or rebuild, and had been thinking previously about releasing them as TD assets, so here they are :)

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Take a look at this one.

I've remembered to have found an option for the Nod Bggy. So here it is.

In the screenshot and in the mix file.

I've put White's units and this buggy in a mix file. Try it out ...


General PS

1 - Hey White, you could "complete" your collection redesigning the Napalm Launcher (never know the acronym - SSLM or something) with the same armoured windshield. Pls, pls, pls eheheheheheh


2 - I've looked other mod files I have here and have found a Soviet Heli (Mi-don't know the number) that replaces the Apache. And also inside the mix file there's a ltnk2.shp which is a doubled-turret light tank the size of a medium tank, probably from red alert. The Soviet Heli is from a mod called BioWar and the Light tank is from Black Ops


3 - Yes, some units are not well refined, but still cool.


4 - Nyerguds: I've wrote Coolguys.mix and the mod manager is accepting it. Only if you put ".MIX" is a problem. Please confirm it later (or the real cause, sorry for bad science ...)


5 - SSM added to the mix file.



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Oh the SSM launcher (Surface to Surface Missile, like SAM, Surface to Air Missile), true, it was also based on the same Chassis. Yup, I'll do that now.


Is the soviet heli just the hind from RA? and yes the double barrel med tank is the soviet heavy tank.

I had that bio war mod... don't remember a different heli in it though...


The purpose of this little mod was to bring more realism to the visual units on screen, not to change what unit they are, else I'd but the T-27 over the light tank and Hind over the Apache to give nod weapons which are more likely to have been purchased.


I have added the armored front on the SSM to the zip.

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  • 1 year later...

and the frogfoot, wheres the  edit post button... XD




Found it. So Its the Medium Tank with Antennas, the other Medium like tank with the longer barrel, and the frogfoot that I have.

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On 7/26/2013 at 10:47 PM, Riseofbane said:

is this mod playable in cncnet5?


nope, it's an arda mod. You can probably play it without arda (would have less features), copy mod files into game folder and rename the mod rules.ini to spawn.xdp

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So like (TLDR) these are just new skins/models/sprites whatever for the units, but nothing else changes? Has the Light Tank aka Bradley missile pod received the shadows or whatever you were talking about? Or is it still hard (more like impossible) to discern from a white/grey light tank's turret?

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Yes, they're just graphical changes, so you can replace the shp files and have fancy looking tanks and stuff.


I haven't changed the missile pod, so from certain angles, if the light tank is in grey, yes, it's hard to see. Personally, I don't think it's much of an issue with it.

They were designed to be used in my RA mod, so I wasn't thinking about that when I edited them, but I thought they looked so nice that people might want to use them in TD, so I converted them over to the correct pallets for use in TD, nothing more.

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