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Loading a Saved Skirmish



When I try to load a Saved Game in Yuri's Revenge, I get the following error message:  Yuri's Revenge has encountered an internal error and is unable to continue normally.

Steps: Single Player -> Skirmish

Launch a Skirmish then bring up the menu and select Load Game.  (I have not been able to find a way to load a saved game from the main menu). After I close the dialogue, I brought back to the main Skirmish menu.

I have tried this with a few of the maps included with CnC.

Any ideas on what is causing the issue an if there is a better way to launch a saved game?



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Having the same issue. Looking at other threads it seems that loading games in Yuri was possible prior to 2017 but has since been broken. Resolving this issue may be a low priority as the client was primarily intended to allow users to continue playing online. Games can be loaded from the native in-game menus. If you're using the Origin version of the game then you can launch it from Origin rather than the CNCNet launcher to load the game and CD versions can launch from Yuri.exe. This works even if you saved from the CNCNet launcher or used a custom map.


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