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Creating additional paradrop types in YR


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Hello all!

I am trying to edit the rulesmd.ini to create a new kind of paradrop which is available from airports called a tactical paradrop. It does not replace the AmerParaDropSpecial or the ParaDropSpecial. I want to create a new kind of paradrop altogether. Is this possible in the original game without mods?

Is it possible for this paradrop to be different based on the side you play? Eg: Allies drop a seal, a sniper and a spy, soviets drop a desolator and terrorists, yuri drops psi commandos / brutes.

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This is what I use for my Custom Maps.


This translates to:
America Para-Drop = 8 GI, 8 GI, 2 Engineer
Allied Para-Drop (Captured Airfield) = 6 GI, 6 GI, 2 Engineer
Soviet Para-Drop (Captured Airfield) = 9 Conscript, 9 Conscript, 2 Engineer
Yuri Para-Drop (Captured Airfield) = 6 Initiate, 6 Initiate, 2 Engineer

With respect, what I use is powerful enough assuming all 3 Planes make it to the Drop-Zone.
I would highly recommend not using things like Tier 2 and Tier 3 Units, especially since the game has to guess where the Chute is.
It can look scruffy on abnormally larger units sometimes.

If you insist on using those units, then I will provide the ID's of them (Listed bellow in order that you wrote in your message).




Multiple Commas equals more Planes.
So if I want 5 Planes, I would put something like:


Obviously, I wouldn't do this since most players wouldn't cope with that coming from the skies into their base.
Though taking down the Planes can be easy, if you have an 8 Player Map going 1 VS 7, and those 7 drop Para's on you...
Let's just say 3 Planes per Player is bad enough, 5 Planes 7 times would flatten your base (Debris alone).
I might actually try this just to see what it takes, and how much strain on CPU's this could create.
Hahahahahahaha, that sounds crazy as I'm writing it.

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