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Connection to cncnet has been lost - quick match


Hi, in quickmatch during the loading screen my opponent never loads and then as soon as i get into the game it says connection to cncnet has been lost, when i go into the custom lobby everything runs smoothly. This problem started this month, never had a problem before in the previous months. Please help me resolve this issue, thanks.


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      I want to make a Map that is totally Symmetrical.
      The thought had occurred, to try to use a Bitmap as an Import.
      Problem is, how do I export the Map as a Bitmap to then copy and flip it and so on.
      Also, would this even work, or would I confuse FA2.
      I just want to speed up Map Making, so is there a quicker way?
    • By AGT_ZURU
      I have spent several hours looking into making Mines that Spawn Gems.
      Based on how popular the idea is, but how difficult it can be to find the information, I'm putting this here.
      In my search for this, I've found several ideas, but no solid guaranties saying that something definitely works.
      Important Notes:
      Take into consideration, that I'm making a Map with Modified INI Data, and not an actual MOD.
      The reason for this is due to the Ore Mine Locations having Sand, and Ore being difficult to visually see.
      Also, the Ore spawns too slowly for the Map, meaning matches end in Stagnant Out Of Money scenarios.
      This means that players are throwing Para-Drops at one another to try and gain the advantage.
      The Match always Disconnects before a winner is found.
      Idea 01 - Changing Ore into Gems
      I tried the idea of calling 'Tiberiums' different names.
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      So I'm currently exploring the idea of Taking Ore and redefining its Image so that it looks like Gems.
      Problem with this is, I'm making a Custom Map, so this is not likely to work so well either.
      Idea 02 - Making a Dummy Object/Unit/Building that can Spawn Gems
      Credits: Lin Kuei Ominae from PPMSite
      URL for Thread: https://ppmforums.com/topic-47543/is-there-any-way-to-make-ore-drill-spawn-gems/
      This is the Code that was mentioned in the post.
      [building] ActiveAnim=dummy [dummy] LoopCount=-1 TrailerAnim=gemspawn [gemspawn] MaxXYVel=25.0 MinZVel=25.0 Elasticity=0.0 Bouncer=yes TiberiumSpawnType=GEM01 TiberiumSpreadRadius=3 ;0-9 possible The issue with this is, to do this requires a MOD, and as such can't be done in a Map directly*.
      *That is assuming that you're not using additional tools outside of FA2.
      If you were really clever and extremely determined, you could in theory take this Data and manually add it into a Map.
      Though that is a lot of work, and may yield results that are open to change as CnCNet RA2YR is Updated.
      So that's what I found relating to the Topic, but not much of an answer as far as Map Creation goes.
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      Also things like Cameos and new Units would be nice, again inactive in Vanilla Maps, but available for Modified Map Creators to play with.
    • By yuriko
      I know this issue been mentioned here before, But basically i reinstalled windows (from windows 10 to windows 7) and client and game was working perfectly fine on windows 10 but on windows 7 it gives "Failed to create graphics device!"
      client.log: client.log
      ;RA2MD working fine, XNA Framework 4.0 is installed.
    • By ajchvy
      Having an issue installing the RA2 CnCnet file. Keeps giving me this issue. If I hit ignore, it will install, but then game crashes when I try to start a match.

    • By mrmiclego
      Hey could anyone help me out? Im trying to get the YR CnCNet launcher working, but I keep getting this pop up (see the first uploaded image). I have ran it as an administrator and still nothing. Things to note about my game and setup:
      Windows 10 computer with Geforce RTX 2070, Driver version 461.92, and an Intel i7 Game Purchased off of Origin I deleted everything in _Installer/directx/redist except for DSETUP.dll, dsetup32.dll, and DXSETUP.exe to get the game to install properly File is set to Full Control Game launcher icon has the administrator icon on it already tried to load it with all anti-virus software offline I don't believe this could be a connection issue because Tiberian Sun CnCNet runs fine.

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