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Change TemplateType / Cell-graphics ingame? Works only 50%?


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So I try to change the template type of a cell ingame. This is on the Desert theme, going from an empty, passable cell to an impassable brush.
   CellClass * cellptr = &Map[257];
   struct {
      TemplateType TType;      // Template type.
      unsigned char TIcon;      // Template icon number.
   } temp;
   temp.TType = TEMPLATE_BRUSH1;
   temp.TIcon = 0;
   cellptr->TType = temp.TType;
   cellptr->TIcon = temp.TIcon;

After triggering this code the cell is no longer passable as it should be.
In the classic graphics the cell gets correctly updated (both the passable status and the GRAPHIC itself), but in the remastered graphics it does NOT (not GRAPHIC update).

What am I missing here?
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