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AI stronger by edit Rules.ini


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I'm playing RA2 again (not Yuri) after many years, I'm mostly playing alone or coop skirmish with 1 friend. Hope everyone can help me with tweaks to make the AI stronger, specifically as follows:
- AI will build more defensive buildings as well as more Factory wars.
- AI will have a stronger defense force, mainly dozens of tanks that combine airship/rocketeer/plane... not just a few GI soldiers and 2 Mirage vehicles (for the Allies) or those lousy conscript/Flak trooper (on the Soviet side)
- Regarding the attack force, it is necessary to double the current number, I have been searching for days but can't find a way to increase the number of units in each attack. In addition, I also want to fix almost useless attack formations such as 4-5 Tank destroyers, at least with Mirage or Prism tanks, or dozens of conscripts that need to add tesla.
- I also want to fix the damage the Tank destroyer does to buildings to be more than now, half the Grizzly tanks.
I've looked online about the tweaks in Stray/MinimumAIDefensiveTeams/MaximumAIDefensiveTeams/TeamDelays/GuardModeStray....and I've been trying to tinker with the last 2 dinners, but after editing the rules file the AI is barely attacking :( , but not see any positive change :(
Looking forward to help, thanks for reading.

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