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Tiberian Dawn - GiftS After War Mini-Campaign => WIP


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Welcome to my singleplayer mini-campaigns for Nod and GDI.

I love to makes maps and before I made multiplayer maps and now I got interested in making a mini-campaign! :D

[move][glow=red,2,300]Nod VERSION:1.00

GDI VERSION: WIP[/glow][/move]

[glow=red,2,300]Nod Mini-Campaign V. 1.00 -[/glow] Download

[glow=red,2,300]GDI Mini-Campaign V. ---- -[/glow] Download Unavailable


"GDI used the Ion Cannon agaisn't Kane's Temple and got dead. But Nod weren't totally destroyed. Now they rise up again and join up forces to eliminate their enemy and expand they prophecy.

Long battles awaits you commander, prepare for the worse..."


[glow=red,2,300]1º Mission[/glow]


"Kane is dead, but Nod is not! Find a way through this area to access the entrance of an old Nod base. We will send some reinforcements to destroy GDI intruders in our path. Use them wisely. Good Luck!!!"


gifts 1


[glow=red,2,300]2º Mission[/glow]


"Congratulations!!! You made it to the the abandoned base and it's already reinforced but GDI  knows of your presence. They destroyed your Construction Yard so you'll be limited to these buildings. Your mission is to destroy the GDI bases. Beware of their offensive waves! Good Luck!!!"


gifts 2


[glow=red,2,300]3º Mission[/glow]


"With GDI severely weakened, there is one more threat that must be decimated: The Ion Cannon! Build up a base and destroy the 3 GDI Adv. Com. Centers to eliminate the codes on the Ion Cannon satellite. Intel indicates that they will fire as fast as possible to prevent the destruction. Don't let it destroy you! Good Luck!"


gifts 3


[glow=red,2,300]4º Mission[/glow]


"Now that the Ion Cannon is no longer a threat, it's time to eliminate the GDI Tech Centers to prevent futher technologies so GDI will remain weak. Destroy all Tech Centers! WARNING: Some of them are in mountains and you'll need an air transport. Try capturing the abandoned factories. We will send some credits. Good Luck!!!"




[glow=red,2,300]Last Mission[/glow]


"With GDI Tech Centers destroyed they've lost hope for miracles! Finally GDI is weakened and these are their only bases. Also, we need to build a new Temple as a symbol of our victory! Destroy, Crush, FLAME GDI and build a new Temple of NOD. Good Luck!!!"




[glow=red,2,300]Nod After War[/glow]


"Nod had destroyed the last GDI bases and no more nations can defend themselves. Nod now controls the world and the tiberium. Their prophecy had expanded to all over the world. No other man faces Nod"



[glow=red,2,300]"The END"[/glow]





Thanks to [glow=red,2,300]MattAttack[/glow] and [glow=red,2,300]FunkyFr3sh[/glow] for testing the maps and making suggestions!!!

Thanks to [glow=red,2,300]FunkyFr3sh[/glow] for making the game videos!!!



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You have far too many exclamation marks in your mission briefings. They're supposed to be military orders, you know.


I know that. :b

But I thought you would give any overall opinion...  :(

Also I'm feeling quite disappointed, because my threads doesn't have any comments or opinions, etc... (Overall of the maps, etc...)

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Hey GiftS, just thought I'd let you know that I've been playing through this campaign lately.  I'm really enjoying it so far (just completed mission 3).  Mission 3 is the best one so far, but I have a few complaints that make it frustrating.  It could be far better if these are fixed:


-Smoke signals should be placed on all the landing places for the Chinooks.  Otherwise, if you don't have any units with long sight (like mammoth tanks or a commando) then you can't see far enough to find a place for the Chinook to land.  This is bad, because it means you can't complete the mission without uncovering enough ground to land with the Chinook.  This is especially true for the tech center on the island at the bottom of the map.


-The mission should be an automatic failure if all the Chinook's are dead.  Otherwise, you can waste time trying to complete the entire mission, not realizing you still need Chinooks to win.  I did this myself when I thought I had destroyed all tech centers in the mountains, sold my Chinook for money to make another mammoth tank (to raid the last base), and later realized there was still one more tech center in the black that I missed (only accessible by the Chinook).  Therefore, I wasted almost an hour assaulting the last base, and had to restart the mission.


-The odds are a bit unfair.  I had to kill 168 units of GDI and only lose 7 myself in order to win.  I had to manage my budget wisely, sell just the right amount of units, and build 7 mammoth tanks in order to overrun the GDI base at the end.  I think there should be a few less Advanced Towers in the last GDI base.  Otherwise, I have to do a lot of loading/saving to get lucky enough to win.


other than that, I am really enjoying this so far. I'm now on mission 4.



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Just completed mission 4.  Overall, this was a great little campaign.  Mission 3 was definitely the best mission in the pack.  With a few tweaks, it could be my all-time favorite map.  Mission 4 was a bit typical - seeming very similar to the last NOD missions in the original game (it was not very difficult).  It was still fun, though.


I'm looking forward to the GDI campaign!  I hope there will be more commando missions that require you to be creative in order to win, like mission 3 of the NOD campaign.

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do you know where your C&C95 folder is? it's the same folder that contains files like C&C95.exe (please note that, depending on your settings, you might not see the ".exe" part of it) or conquer.mix!


Download the file SC-GSAB.MIX listed above (which contains the GiftS campaign) and put it directly into that folder.


Start the game. Please look in the bottom right corner of the main menu. There is the version number. please post here what it says.


Click on "New Missions" and look in that list. You may need to scroll down a little. If you have no other custom missions installed, you should see the GiftS campaign at the very bottom of the list.


If you do have other custom missions installed, your problem could be called by a conflict in the numbering. But we can deal with that later should that be the case...



i'll wait for your reply before making any more suggestions, lest i end up speculating to no avail. do you know how to take screenshots? might come in handy if we still don't progress...

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In my .MIX file there are the missions named from SCB80EA to SCB80EE.

If you have files named SCB80EA.INI, SCB80EB.INI, SCB80EC.INI, SCB80ED.INI, SCB80EE.INI in your game directory, you must delete them or rename them to SCB##E@ where:

##: range from 0 to 999

@: range from A to E

The same happens to the .BIN files.

Also the mini-campaign ONLY starts with the SCB80EA and to play the others, you must complete the first ones.

This might fix your problem if the missions doesn't appear in the game menu.

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There is another option:


- drop SC-GSAB.MIX in the official folder ;

- open ccconfig and "lie" to the game SC-GSAB.MIX is a mod. The game will prioritize the files, not having to delete or move anything.


Btw, I haven't try this solution, ehehehehheeh

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There is another option:


- drop SC-GSAB.MIX in the official folder ;

- open ccconfig and "lie" to the game SC-GSAB.MIX is a mod. The game will prioritize the files, not having to delete or move anything.


Btw, I haven't try this solution, ehehehehheeh

useful information, thanks.

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Oh I forgot, you have to rename the file, so:


- drop in the C&C95 folder;

- rename it to "gifts.mix";

- "enable MOD" in game options tab of CCConfig and, of course, choose "gifts.mix".


This time I tested, you can find it in the menu and start the game.



don't get pissed off, but the mini-campaign appears in the Nod list and only the first one,as Gifts has pointed out ...

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Hi Gifts,


You know, I have a catalog here at cnc-comm.

I make a small adaptation in the Basic section to enlist it in a standard way for all files, so your missions would look like this:












Name=080 - Nod After War: M1



If you want to give names for each mission it will become something like this


Name=080 - Nod After War: M5 - Final



If you wanna change anything, let me know. I also created a TXT file called afterwar.txt, that will be together with the mix file, taking the info in your first post, see attached.

You might edit that either. Search for other campaigns in the catalog to see what you can edit in general, if interested.


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Hi Solo!

Thank you for adding into your catalog, I really appreciate it!  :)

Anyways the GDI mini-campaign is very WIP, since the last year I lost the patience and interest to continue making it. Although I might continue them at a slower rate.  :(

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  • 1 year later...

Hi GiftS, I just wanted to restate that I am still completely interested in a GDI "After War" campaign.  I know you didn't get many comments for the NOD missions and lost interest, but I personally felt they were excellent missions.  I always check this forum occasionally, hoping that you have updated this thread. 


I'm sure there are more interested people as well, but they may not always post.  I gave you quite a few comments on page 1, but I'm not sure if you read them.  The comments I made were just about possible improvements you could make to the NOD missions.  I hope it didn't sound like I was putting down your missions with my "complaints".  I was only trying to give constructive criticism, because I liked the missions so much (I normally don't comment at all on the missions I don't like).

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