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I come seeking assistance with a mission I'm working on, I've attached the map file as well.

The mission has two Allied houses who are supposed to build units to attack the player and defend their bases, and they do, sort of.

The AI seems to change its mind about what teamtype it wants to build on a whim, builds parts of some teams, quits, starts building others, is not prioritizing its "IsBaseDefense" teams over attack teams, and as a result takes far too long to accumulate a completed teamtype to complete their scripted action, be that attacking the player or guarding their designated waypoint. The dark blue house is also far more active than the light blue house when it comes to building despite both houses being at 100% build activity and an IQ of 5.

I have a "General" INI edit to add a condition TeamDelays=500,750,1000 because without it the AI would take ages to decide to build anything at all despite having a trigger that fires upon loading the map to declare the player's house an enemy to give it a threat to worry about. I saw some mad lad in a guide who said he had set his TeamDelays to 1,1,1 but when I take mine below 500 as a starting threshold the AI doesn't seem to build at all.

The only running theory I have at this point is that it has to do with the way the AI Triggers have been weighted, but I very easily could have overlooked something, which is why I've attached the map file so anyone who has any ideas can feel free to dig in and see what's going on.

Any help is appreciated! :)


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Sorry for the double post but I've managed to solve this on my own!


This advice from DeeZire way back in the day turned out to be the ace in the hole, I added 6 Pool teams for each house, gave them their own AI triggers and missions (either guarding or harassing) and all of the sudden they're flourishing with build activity, dark blue is still more active than light blue but I can probably manage it from here.

Thank you to anyone who took time to consider the issue, and I guess enjoy a very early incomplete build of one of the maps for the eventual Soviet Retribution Campaign lol. :)

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