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RA2: Error during FMV sequence after the Fox and the Hound



Hello enthusiasts,

Ive been coming across a error consistantly popping up during the movie sequence after the Fox and the Hound mission, It runs fine for a minute but then crashes with no real explanation on how to fix it.


"red alert 2 has encountered an internal error and is unable to continue normally, Contact Westwood.com" Anyone encountered this and has a work around?


Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey there. Are you running the Campaign straight from Steam/EA App? Some players have found that the base game out the box is rather glitchy. We have added campaign support in the Beta version of the CnCNet client. Have a look at the timestamped videos below to use the CnCNet client. If you'd like to play the campaign, have a look at the 2nd video.

Here's an in depth tutorial on how to play RA2YR using CnCNet. https://youtu.be/_EBqST0AZ9k?si=o4iPqQ4ffeXaehJY

Here's an updated campaign tutorial, and how to get the game on Steam! https://youtu.be/4MfOurHaQP4?si=zrslaZTqwLIYtExD

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Hi there,

i have the same issue. Video / FMV stops at the same postion. I already use the Beta version of the CnCNet client 8.56.0-migration-to-dll-spawner-....

It is the FMV for the next mission.

I played through yuris campaign (both), and the allied campaign without any issues.

When i try to start the next mission through the CnCNet client the video stops at the same position too (it is mission nr 10: Weathered Alliance.

My screen resolution is 5120x1440 which made some problems with the non-beta client. But so far the beta client worked great!

Best regards, i hope this helps,


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