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Advanced Infantry (RA) - Update 16/Nov/14


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I've been plugging away and finally finished them all :)


Update: Nyerguds kindly pointed out a graphical glitch from the original frames in which some of the fire was being remap instead of bright yellow. That's now fixed.

However I did NOT bother to remake the GIF frames, so if you watch them, you'll see the error in them (the GIFs take longer to make than the shp files, like hours longer for that many frames). Don't worry Kilk, the RPG was one of the few which didn't need to be fixed :P

Also fixed a stray pixel for the e3 Dragon.



Below are new infantry for Red Alert mods. Some are in other threads, but are updated. I wanted to re-release them, fully updated; with all their friends, together.



Light Machine Gun: Replaces e1 (remember that you can now have e1 copies), has an orange belt.

Look for: Firing a fully automatic weapon.


Sniper: Replaces e1 (remember that you can now have e1 copies), has a green belt.

Look for: Holding his gun at an angle when standing still, reloading his gun after firing, using a pair of binoculars to look around when he's idol for a while.


Mortar: Replaces e2, has a yellow belt.

Look for: Soldier sits ready when he's in a normal 'standing' position, loading the mortar and then placing his hands over his ears when firing, cleans the mortar with a pole when he's been standing idol for a while.


Dragon Missile: Replaces e3, has a blue belt.

Look for: Soldier sits ready when he's in a normal 'standing' position.


Stinger Missile: Replaces e4, has a red belt.

Look for: Not much, TBH... he also has extra red on his weapon :P


Rocket Propelled Grenade: Replaces shok, has an aqua belt.

Look for: The grenade leaving the end of the weapon after it's fired.
















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Yeah, I moved where the gun was and redrew the arms to be holding the gun in the correct way, then filled in the gap where his arms used to be with darker colors. The standing position for the sniper is taken from the "guard" frames of the rifleman which, to my knowledge, are unused by the game.


Easily the most work was the mortar, however, where I had to draw:

-Standing frames (the crouch position is actually one of the frames of the grenadier attacking). The mortar itself to totally free drawn, 8 directions, of course.

-Prone with the mortar; just the regular prone Grenadier frames with the free drawn mortar added in.

-Running with the mortar, where I had to draw the folded up mortar cradled in with one arm. One drawn for each of the 8 directions it was just copied and pasted with it bobbing up and down as he runs.

-Firing, both 'standing' and prone. This took ages. Obviously starts with the sitting version and prone version with the free drawn mortar, then having him move his arms to take the ammo, and pop it into the mortar. It was also important that I figured out exactly in which frame the grenadier looses his grenade, and as it turns out, there's more frames when he's standing than when he's prone. So there's some extra frames when he's in standing mode where he's just still, from memory.

-Adding the mortar into the death frames (must easier :) I must say).

-Drawing up the animation of the mortar cleaning, which I REALLY wanted to have. I watched a video of some guys firing fast rounds out of a mortar... it involved cleaning it; and I thought that would be an EXCELLENT idol animation for him. The other one of him talking on his comm is just from the grenadier, but it really fits a support troop.


I think that's all, but it takes a LONG time... and also deciding on belt colors, so that troops that looked similar wouldn't have similar colors.



I don't know that mission Chad... in saying that, I'm not all that into RA (I just like to mod it; not a fan of the way that WW balanced RA).


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I'm very impressed White. These are pretty amazing :) It's like a shame I've already done my infantry for my mod. :dry: I would have totally used these otherwise! All of them are fun and I am glad we have frames for now, from the Sniper and LMG to the epic Mortar troops.

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I just use SHP editor to do it. For making the GIF I just unpile the whole thing into separate png and use Gimp to make a GIF from all the layers.

Thing is, Gimp takes ages to open all the files to make the layers. So I can't be bothered doing all that, just to make some GIF files that show the fixed pixels at the end.


The infantry is fixed, that's what really matters.


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Is there a way to use newly added units in single player maps in team types or triggers? Team types use the actual vehicle designation like V2RL. So like SSM from your example download, maybe putting SSM in a team type would work? In your RAED experience, think it would be possible to add new unit keys? 

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Iran patched the game, so that, when you're modding you can not only edit units, but you can create a new units of each type (infantry, Vehicle, Flyer, Ship). Each type is simply a copy of another unit. Infantry = rifle (labeled e1 in the rules.ini), Vehcile = Med Tank (2tnk), Flyer = Apache Longbow (heli), Ship = Destroyer (dd? I forget what it's called in the ini).


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A weird issue:

I downloaded this file, change e1snipericon to c3icon and put it into hires.mix -> then once the game starts it will immediately crashes, giving me following error:



 I've also encountered this issue many times before when i added my own SHP icon's made by myself. Some of them works, some of them not. I have also ra95crash.dmp -file but it's mostly a very strange language that only Iran understands.


Could someone help me with this issue?


Sorry if i wake topic which is over half-decade old.

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It appears every time if c3icon is changed.

I think the problem appears because there are already hires.mix in red alert directory but inside redalert.mix is also another hires.mix where are the original icons stored.

I think i should remove another hires.mix inside redalert.mix, because the game gets frustrated because there are two mix files which has different icons?

I don't have such mix as spawn1.mix and i'm using Iran's portable RA.


EDIT: I deleted hires.mix inside redalert.mix and replaced existing c3icon with the new one in the hires.mix that was redalert folder. -> didn't work, still crashes af.

Edited by Salvation
Added what happened after i tried to delete hires.mix inside redalert.mix
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