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Multi Engineer Option in Online Gameplay - CnCNet Online

Guest neogrant

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The CnCNet team have implemented a new feature to the up and coming Yuri's Revenge online for CnCNet.


If checked in pre-setup games (see attached image), Multiple Engineers would be required to capture enemy or civilian buildings.


What do you think to this?





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It's an option you can choose, and I patched the game so capturing tech buildings only takes one Engineer and the game will show a different cursor if the Engineer were to only damage a building and not capture it (code I copied from Ares).

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People have been playing RA2/YR for over 14 years without this option, so as long as it remains as an option and not permanent, then great! At first I was gonna say that this option should only be allowed in ffgs (for-fun-games / non ranked games), but as long as both players know what options have been enabled/disabled it will be fair, whether ranked or not. But that said It should not be in Quick Match games though because in this mode players don't have a choice with the options.


This should have been implemented on day one by Westwood, like it was with TS.

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