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cncnet win95 base fore android


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I Already tried running it in Win98 with KernelEX. No success.


Anyway, programming such thing for Windows 95 is really a pain, and I don't think the people here will want to do it.


Any way to make a win95 compatible version of cncnet?

Pfff. You're just as bad as Pichorra  :dry:

Good to see that I'm famous for asking such weird stuff. :)



Do the NE2000 card emulation actually WORKS on android? Linux users requires a load of stuff to make it run, and I don't know if it is cross-compatible with Android,

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Pichorra will forever be remembered as that guy who wanted the old stuff.


I once told hifi we should make cncnet win95 compatible, now this happens! Typical!


Killa, I think you should do with what you have for the moment.

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Well the reason for this was to get the high-resolution game of c&c on my android,not the dos version to run on my android....in the pictures above dos box is running win95 and I launched c&c the high-resolution from it.  But hey it gets me by on my breaks.

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Isn't the singleplayer component enough for your breaks though? I'd also like to have C&C95 / RA95 on my phone (too bad there's no x86 emulators for Windows Phones, I guess there's some security restriction in the OS making it impossible), but I'd never play it online.

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