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Who is still alive to beta test?


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Okay I will make this brief. Who is still alive to beta test the new v1.4?  I can get this out quicker if I wasn't the only one beta testing everything. lol :P


I will upload the files later this week. I need people to check and make sure issues with the maps and missions along with the AI have been completely fixed and the Mod has stopped crashing giving the serious error issue during skirmish games. I have not seen the crash in a while but better safe than sorry.


Volunteers are welcome to leave a reply here.


Feel free to give the Mod Facebook Page a like as well. https://www.facebook.com/Command-Conquer-Tiberian-Dawn-Redux-188361853050/timeline/


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I'm only up to GDI mission 07 and have played a few skirmishes vs the AI, but so far, overall it's an excellent mod. Here are some of my questions, observations and suggestions so far:


01. Even when the MCV cannot deploy, it still says 'Construction Complete'. I noticed this at the beginning of GDI mission 1 & 2.

02. When trying to place a structure down, would it be possible to show exactly where it is ok to place it (like in C&C 3 for example)?. It's a little annoying hearing "Building... cannot deploy here, building... cannot deploy here, building... cannot deploy here' whenever I place it a little too far away from other structures.:D

03. After you click 'activate conyard system', the construction yard should STILL be selected, but it's not anymore. It doesn't make sense that you have to select it again.

04. AI Mini Gunners (not sure about vehicles yet) doesn't fire back when being shot at by humvees from a distance. I know that the humvees are out of their range, but they should still react.

05. When you capture a refinery with a harvester in it deploying it's load, the harvester should also become yours.

06. In the control interface (at the bottom of the screen), I think the button 'next>>>menu' should be disabled when there is nothing in the next menu.

07. It'd be good if the Mission Briefing popped up at the start of each mission automatically, instead of the player having to manually open it.

08. After building a refinery, the next bunch of buildings in the tech-tree won't be available until you click 'Deploy Harvester. I think it should be available with or without the harvester.

09. How can you tell if your tiberium silo is full?

10. Rivers can be seen through undiscovered terrain.

11. After you sell a building, shouldn't you get infantry (that was inside) like mini gunners and technicians?

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Thanks for the detailed information. Sounds like a lot of what you found are unfortunately game engine limitations that have been issues in the past. Sadly nothing can be a 100% remake. But this project has been going on for almost 10 years and I have tried my best to get it as accurate as possible for what it was in its time a state of the art 3D game engine. lol :)


1.) Have not encountered this particular audio bug but I think I already know how it can be fixed if I can determine the code which I think is causing it.

2.) Known issue and I am aware of another bug preventing the MCV from properly "turning" and simply deploys in its current position so you have to manually turn it around to the direction you want before placing the building. So far its unfixable due to the unique coding tricks required to make the traditional Conyard System work. Making a boundary is somewhat possible but I just went with the rule of thumb of the original by only allowing construction to be directly adjacent to your existing buildings which is about 2-3 tank lengths in what would translate to being the "placement map tiles" from the original.

3.) Well known game engine glitch, yes its kinda annoying but people have gotten used to it. The Refinery, Temple and ACC had to use this same button system to get their stuff to work properly and this was also done to keep the AI from breaking. It is pure speculation as to why it does that. It is also because of the AI that the MCV is built at the Conyard. Even with the new AI not using MCV's as dozers unlike in previous incarnations of the mod it still has to have some kind of "Dozer" unit available in the command menu to start or it wont build anything. I am assuming its hardcoded into "command center" structures which the Conyard replaced.

4.) Probably a minor map AI scripting bug. (you can set the aggressive/retaliation settings for each individual soldier and vehicle on the map) A checkbox enabling it probably got unchecked by accident.

5.) Game engine limitation, but ironically a lot of the harvester AI issues from the original C&C got replicated here too. Including Lazy harvesters parking and "sleeping" at a Tiberium field or wandering off to get massacred by the enemy in order to find a "shortcut". Also to compensate the Engineer is basically the Hijacker from Generals. I know it means you have to have teams of two which is $1000 but it was the best way to compensate. For this reason the Refinery refunds your $500 for the extra engineer you had to train when you capture it.

6.) Odd, I thought I disabled that.

7.) Old versions of the mod did type it out to display like it does in Generals but people complained that it was annoying to see. Cannot make everyone happy I guess. lol It can be brought up by hitting the TAB button on the keyboard. Also the mission briefing videos do exist for this mod but are not available for download since my dropbox account is full thanks to the other mod game files.

8.) This has been discussed in the past as a game engine glitch but it was argued by some to be a useful indicator in letting the player know he has an "inactive" building that needs to be switched on. So it was left as is.

9.) Generals does not "officially" have a silo mechanic. Instead, silos serve as trickle cash generators like the GLA Black Market in Generals and they also serve as valuable targets for Engineers. If you capture the silo you also steal $1500 from the opposing player for each silo captured. This is recycled Chinese Hacker code from Generals. Engineers have been adapted to be VERY handy in this Mod verses their C&C1 counterparts.

10.) Graphics Glitch due to the new graphics update I implemented in 2009, wont be fixed without removing the black shroud which would ruin the campaigns.

11.) Could be possible to implement. Not sure if I tried to do this in the past without issues.


All in all it has been an interesting challenge to adapt a once state of the art game engine using non traditional C&C game mechanics and upgrading the visuals while using a bit of ingenuity to make this mod work with the Generals game mechanics as a decent emulation of the original C&C. 

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Speaking of harvester bugs, to this day this gem of a bug makes me LOL.

BUG: I captured a Nod Tiberium Refinery withoiut the harvester inside. When the harvester came back, it went into the refinery and gave me credits even though it was a Nod harvester. I could not control the harvester; it was still a Nod unit.

See Post #4 http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=610.0

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Thanks for the detailed information. Sounds like a lot of what you found are unfortunately game engine limitations that have been issues in the past. Sadly nothing can be a 100% remake...

Oh ok. Well, like any other mod, unless the game is modified at binary level, there will always be limitations. But hey, on the bright side, at least the things I've noticed so far aren't game breaking issues. We can live with it :)


Just a couple more things before I hit the hay:

1. In the batch file cctdrdx.bat, I think you should let people know not to manually close it, incase they alt-tab back to the desktop, because it still has to rename and delete files.

2. When running in Win XP compatibility, in the animated background, there are weird creatures moving around on the tiberium. What are they, visceroids?



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Yeah when the mod releases with an installer built in, it will replace the .bat file for the user with a shortcut with the classic C&C Icon that will be used for launching the mod. If you notice there is also a .bat file that is called REPAIR ZH which can be ran in the event the Mod .bat file fails to reset or gets closed prematurely.


Correct. And there are Vein Hole Monsters too that can be hazardous to your forces.



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lol one of the last remaining placeholder models from that game. I need to figure out the WW Skin technique used in SAGE to get a working animation for a new model but its been low on my priorities. Still surely its better than those ones in C&C3 which look like three legged pigs? I always thought the idea behind visceroids was that they were supposed to be blobs of mutated organic lifeforms.

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Currently playing through the GID campaign. I noticed:


1. A lot of assets are visible through the black shroud. I guess that can't be fixed?

2. At times, the lighting is very bright. It doesn't affect gameplay, but it seems to be way brighter than in Vanilla Generals.

3. Hunting down all enemy units takes a lot of time because the units are slower/maps are larger. Maybe change victory conditions accordingly?

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Is it possible to post screenshots of the first two issues? Of course with the first issue in Skirmish/Multiplayer mode that's a normal feature as it is that way in Generals. (Referred to as simply "fog")  However special scripting should have enabled the black shroud for all the campaign missions.


As for the third the remaining forces are supposed to be scripted to hunt you down after a while. Often triggered when you capture or destroy their base. It might need to be adjusted. And yes scaling can sometimes be difficult when translating a 2D map to 3D.

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