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Nation Tier List


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I'm just curious what how everyone else would rank the nations in YR. I'm a bit of a noob myself, so don't take mine too seriously. :D


Tier 1 is what I would consider to be standard competitive nations, while tier 2 is useful on some maps or have some useful strategies. Tier 3 I consider nearly useless.


Tier 1: America, Yuri, Iraq

Tier 2:Korea, France, libya

Tier 3: Germany, Great Britain, Cuba, russia

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it goes...

tier 1 -

1)yuri (a skillful yuri player is very hard to beat on any map.... but a lot of maps favor yuri, not to mention you need unique gameplay against a strong yuri... making a skillful yuri player a devastating match-up vs anybody)

2) iraq (desolators, desobombs, and iron curtain baby)

3) America/Korea ( a very good korean player is a better match up against iraq on some maps, and is better vs yuri, its a toss-up of skill+playstlye)


1) France (on some map france is OP on others they are trash, Even if you do the engi rush + build canon in opponents base ;) )

2)Germany( tank destroyers still build as fast as they do on Ra2 ;), making for some pretty unique builds on popular 1v1 maps, sadly tank destroyers are too slow and usually are a waste in large groups on most maps, make sure to have some engi ifvs ready to counter those drones!)



1) Great britain/cuba (seals kind of made snipers obsolete... except against yuri , Cuban flak bombs are pretty fun/ irritating)


tier 3 -

1) libya ( Can't hate on demo truck in amphibious transport ^^ )

2) russia - (pretty bad to be honest, you can hide behind walls with tesla tanks, and shoot over fodder, but usually its not worth it, tesla tanks are just too weak for a special unit =[  )

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I don't think people are giving GB enough credit. They can safely remove desos, navy seals, and hero units. And the reason Tesla Tanks cannot be good is that their damage type is good vs infantry and tanks. If the Tesla tank can dominate battle tanks then it becomes an overpowered unit and trivializes fodder. Apparently Tesla Tanks and Demo Trucks were OP at one point and got nerfed early into RA2. T Tanks attacked 25% fastesr, and demo trucks had bigger splash damage and 33% more center damage.

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As I see it, and I have a bunch of RA2 RaNk #1s:








The thing is, the allied faction is overall stronger than the soviet faction. Soviets, especially anything other than Iraq is just utterly useless. Libyan Demo Trucks can be good for some shits and giggles, but that's that and Russia and Cuba are a waste of space.

On the other hand you have France which can, when the map is medium sized build Grand Cannons early and keep the soviet away from the get go. America is amazing, has free Paradrops, is it 6 or 8 GIs worth 200 $ per piece which you get for free every minute or two. Korea rapes Rhino Tanks and Flak Tracks, basically everything the Soviets have and GB rapes any infantry the Soviet can come up including the badly needed Deso.


Germany is much less useful (Tank Destroyers are generally useless), though still better than any Soviet. Yes, the best Soviet faction is Iraq for a good reason. Soviets NEED Desolators. There's no way you could ever beat an Allied Player that builds an army of Mirage Tanks unless you land a lucky Deso Bomb. It's still a lucky Deso Bomb. A decent Allied won't even let you deploy your Desolators because they will be fried the instant they leave the Flack Track, if you even managed to get them out of the Flak Track...


The only thing soviets are good for is the first 3 - 5 minutes. Your best bet is spamming Rhino Thanks, mixing in Dogs, selling your ConYard and going all in (if the map allows for that). If you like longer challenging games you can make a couple of miners but you will most likely lose against an equally skilled Allied Player unless you play EXTREMELY well. Soviets stand no chance once the Allied builds an Ore Purifier (which gives the Allied +25 % of income on the same amount of Ore).

Don't even get me started on how useless Soviets are on Naval Maps.


I rest my case. If people just learned how to play RA2 nobody would say that Soviets are in any kind or way "strong". Soviets are weak as fuck. The first 3 - 5 minutes are key to winning as Soviet against Allied, if you can't cripple the Allieds economy, can't take out vital buildings or can't take over the map then you're pretty much shit out of luck against an equally skilled player.



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I wish it isn't true but sadly the Soviets are underpowered against an equally skilled Allied player and *gulp* Yuri.....

Their basic tank is quite good but badly needs desolators or else GIs or tank destroyers pwn them.

Now, I had a lot of fun with the iron curtain. This thing is a game changer for the soviets.

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If the Allied player knows what he's doing he'll have his Chronosphere up before you'll have your Iron Curtain.


Does anybody here have any idea how hard (if not impossible) it is to defend against 2 Prism Tanks being teleported behind, infront, to the left or to the right of your Iron Curtain and killing it before you even notice? And if you do spend all your energy running around your Iron Curtain, protecting it then he'll just take out your Nuke Power Plant, crippling you for minutes.

Even with Superweapons Soviets are about as dangerous as a 2 months old toddler.


Besides, even if you get to use your Iron Curtain once or twice, a good allied player will make you use it outside his base. Then he'll just run away with his Tanks because guess what? Allied tanks are faster than Soviet tanks.



To claim Soviets are underpowered is delusional.


Do you know who I am? I didn't play in about 4 months, before that I left for 5 years straight, but I'd gladly come online and 10-0 you, me Allied vs you Soviet with Superweapons on.



Did I even mention Spies and Tanya on bridges?



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wow korc, you have no idea or must be new if you dont know siralex..


but it's okay, you can personally attack or ego shit talking in the forums against someone who disagrees with your point if you believe it makes your argument stronger...

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Some weird opinions in this thread.


1. We have to establish differences in Ra2  vs. YR, there are major gameplay issues. The tiers may be the same/close to the same, but they are that way for different reasons and different emphasis is needed.

2. We have to establish the difference between a high level of gameplay vs. a lower level of gameplay. Discussions on balance like this are highly dependent on just how well you can use the units and strategies. For example, in a lower level game, the allieds are more powerful as the soviet "newb" won't know how to defeat the various units (think: ever seen soviet players throw their group of rhinos into an army of mirages??).


With that being stated here is my tier list:


Red Alert 2

Tier 1: Iraq (relatively high above)

Tier 2: America

Tier 3a: Korea

Tier 4: Great Britan and France, rest of Soviet teams (cuba, Russia, Libya, with cuba a slight advantage)

Tier 5: Germany


Reasoning: Iraq is the strongest team in the game, by far. The desolator neutralizes the allied forces late game, and the soviet rush early game is enough to put most allied players out of commission on 85% of the maps. Obviously, a naval war on depth charge does not favor any soviet team, but that's one small instance that generally isn't played in ranked games.

Most of the rank 1's in history have been Iraq, by a far amount. Most of the top 10's in history have played as Iraq. The best players ever have generally played as Iraq (with a few exceptions - Veg and W0nna come to mind firstly). 


I think siralex is trolling you guys in his posts as he should know the advtanges of the soviet superweapons vs. the allieds. The allieds, most of the time, aren't even fortunate enough to get a superweapon up and running. This happens virtually never vs me (or any highly skilled soviet).


Also, people having high praise for France and I think this is a poor choice. France is great in particular circumstances, but these circumstances happen around 50% of the time and you have to be a very unique player to use it properly and to its advantages. Especially on red alert 2 where tanks build faster and eco is more important, france is at a great disadvtange vs any competent soviet player. Also, France is weak against other allied players.



Yuri's Revenge

Tier 1: Yuri (this is not even close / up for discussion, yuri has been banned on 80%+ of the maps in ranked games since wol redirection. The yuri team makes a semi-newb into a tough opponent)


Tier 2a: Iraq

Tier 2b: America

Tier 3: Korea, Great Britan, France

Tier 4: Rest of soviets

Tier 5: Germany


Iraq is still the strongest in the game and in YR it has many new great weapons that help where it needs help most - siege choppers, boris, and even battle bunkers are useful. Siege choppers in particular are incredibly useful.


The allieds also receive a boost in the battle fortress and the slower gameplay / tank build. The guardian gi unit is also well equipped to help stop the soviet rush.


Once again tho in ranked settings, Iraq is the team to use as the desolater is still extremely strong, although somewhat neutralized by an equipped battle fortress. The iron curtain keeps the tide in favor of Iraq. Admittedly it is much closer in YR in comparision to Iraq vs. America in Ra2.


Finally, America is the #1 team as allies due to the strength of GI's on YR and the ability to be useful on any map vs. any side. Korea is particularly stronger against soviet opponents rather than allieds. Great Brittan and France are also more useful in YR than they are in Ra2 as the slower gameplay and easier eco allows France players the time and money to build more cannons etc.


Neither team is comparable to Yuri's strengths.

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does anyone on xwis use France in ranked games?


because i would think that it would dominate or is it considered a noob country?


1. France is considered a lame country by many players, primarily the ones that aren't as skilled as the very top players.

2. Not many have used France in ranking games.


To expand on part two and why France is not 'lame' in ranked games: France has the problem of being a lottery team. I played France in the ladder for quite a while on YR XWIS and achieved many top 5 finishes with them. On some maps and situations they are absolute gold. France is very good vs yuri on some maps, and others it is a death sentence. Think: Offense defense vs Yuri as france is Awesome. Stretching to the yuri's base with cannons on a map that has that type of economy is a match made in heaven for France players. The opposite is something like Blood feud where there isn't enough economy to build up a force, plus build cannons, plus the extra power needed to stop Yuri. If you build a cannon, he will have supers + ufos, etc.


Another strategy with france that I employed was the engi ifv + cannon ready. This also works especially well vs. Yuri since gatting cannons cost $1000 and a Yuri player wont necessarily have one for an engi, so you engi their extra oil derrick on a map like GSF, put a cannon up and you control the map / hopefully kill his whole army since Yuri tanks are weak.


But the problem with France is that the soviets still own it. Rhinos are strong, conscript bombed flak traks take out the cannon, etc. In any 1on1 ranked game, if the France player has time to build cannons and a strong enough force to where it is a problem, then you are doing something terribly wrong as a soviet player.

The France player often has to make up his/her mind on whether he's going to go with Cannons + grizz + rockies or a more tech-up based plan with few or no cannons. It really only works in certain maps, and still, the soviets have the advantage.


As a soviet player, I will take a cannon player spending $2000 on a cannon and $$$ on power over a random gi paradrop any day.



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