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1st Annual Prep's Night of Lunacy


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WHEN?: 02/18/2017 Saturday, CST 7pm-10pm (3 hour time window)


WHAT? 6 Players, FFA, Battle it out repeatedly on different maps in front of a live stream to accumulate points based on standings after each game.


I am looking for 5 other competitors who can absolutely confirm that they will be available this Saturday night for a 4 hour time window at exactly 7pm CST to 11pm CST.


We will participate in 6 player free for alls on maps like heck freezes over, death pit, custom made maps (global domination), Powder keg, etc. (maps to be determined by host -- me).

I would like to have at least one competitor stream the 6 player free for alls.

Points will be accumulated based on when you were eliminated.


First eliminated = 0 points

Second eliminated = 1 point

Third eliminated = 1.5 points

Fourth eliminated = 2 points

Fifth eliminated = 3 points

Winner = 4 points


I feel like this makes the game extremely important to fight over every last building. Some strategy could come into play as the night goes on in terms of who needs to die first.


The settings will be: Short game: ON, MCV Repacks: ON, Superweapons: ON (to ensure speedy games and more strategic warfare).


To apply to be a competitor please respond in this post. Also, looking for ONE person to stream.


If you are absolutely certain that you can make this time bracket (please check what time it is in your time zone) then apply in this thread. If you apply and cannot make the time bracket, you will be barred from further competitions. Also, apply even if we have enough people as we can always take back ups.




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Thanks Korc for noticing the f*** up on my typo.


As of now, I am still looking to get on at the scheduled time and get this thing going. Obviously those who post in here have first dibbs for spots. If we don't have enough I can just ask in lobby for someone who can join in and stay for the scheduled time.


It is important that individuals stay for the allotted time so we can keep a good score :P.

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seems interesting but i think crates should be enabled

i'll be in


The problem with crates in this would be that it would lengthen the time of games. Meaning one game might well last over an hour because the last two players are just grabbing crates and camping. If this was the case, I do not think the other 4-5 players would really want to sit for an hour and wait. The goal is to have 6 players compete over 3-4 hours of games to see who can get the most total points. :)



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Fellows who are interested. This might be pushed back an hour or two. It is an unusually beautiful February night in Chicago (60+ degrees Fahrenheit) and I will be going on a bike ride with the lady for a little while.


If you are on when I get on, I'll make an announcement in the lobby, but I am unsure of when that will be! Enjoy your days, gents.

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