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A ladder interface, game stats processing and more.

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NOTE: Any screenshots or information is likely to change. There is also still no guarantee this will be completed. (Please do not donate for a ladder).

Contributors so far have been:

  • @tomsons26 - Providing info on stats.dmp workings, mapping fields and general research.
  • @dkeeton - Writing code to process stats.dmp files 
  • @Grant - Writing the Ladder Database, API & Ladder interface.

What's real and works but still a work in progress:

  • Stats processing
    • Processes stats.dmp files into readable game results and storing into the Ladder Database.
    • Awarding wins/losses according to stats. 
    • ELO style awards point system.
  • Ladder UI & Accounts
    • A working UI for viewing player games
    • A working system for creating a ladder account, and managing nicknames.
  • Ladder API
    • Auth endpoints  - so a quick match client can let users login.
    • Nick endpoints - so a quick match client can let users manage nicks.
    • Stats endpoints - so a quick match client can send game results.
    • Accounts - for managing nicks/ or creating an account within a quick match client

What's next?

  • Lots more of the above with more tests.

What can you do?

Watch a video preview


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For the stats.dmp data, is it the case that you understand the format/how to parse it etc. but just want test data?  Or are you essentially reversing the format of the file?

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I just want the test data for now, we could send it silently behind the scenes and will do soon but need to verify games in small batches first. 

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