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A ladder interface, game stats processing and more.

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NOTE: Any screenshots or information is likely to change. There is also still no guarantee this will be completed. (Please do not donate for a ladder).

Contributors so far have been:

  • @tomsons26 - Providing info on stats.dmp workings, mapping fields and general research.
  • @dkeeton - Writing code to process stats.dmp files 
  • @Grant - Writing the Ladder Database, API & Ladder interface.

What's real and works but still a work in progress:

  • Stats processing
    • Processes stats.dmp files into readable game results and storing into the Ladder Database.
    • Awarding wins/losses according to stats. 
    • ELO style awards point system.
  • Ladder UI & Accounts
    • A working UI for viewing player games
    • A working system for creating a ladder account, and managing nicknames.
  • Ladder API
    • Auth endpoints  - so a quick match client can let users login.
    • Nick endpoints - so a quick match client can let users manage nicks.
    • Stats endpoints - so a quick match client can send game results.
    • Accounts - for managing nicks/ or creating an account within a quick match client

What's next?

  • Lots more of the above with more tests.

What can you do?

Watch a video preview


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For the stats.dmp data, is it the case that you understand the format/how to parse it etc. but just want test data?  Or are you essentially reversing the format of the file?

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I just want the test data for now, we could send it silently behind the scenes and will do soon but need to verify games in small batches first. 

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    • By FReQuEnZy
      Would be cool if the ladder profile would track historic achievements such as reaching top 10 ranks or any other achievements permanently.
      Even going as far as just recording rank, win count, most played faction, per month so players can see how they've improved from month to month.
      Feel free to add any suggestions here.
    • By Noddynod443
      Dear admins,
         I was able to change the gameport values of CnCNet for Tiberian Dawn , Red Alert 1 , and Tiberian Sun-(so that I could play C&C games on my PC that is using a multiseat gaming software called: softxpand)- by going to the option in CnCnet's game settings...
      However for Yuri's Revenge, there is a different "style" of CnCNet and it does not have an option in the settings to change the gameport. How do I change the gameport for Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge to make it compatible with the multiseat software?
      Thank You,
    • By cramms
      Hey guys,
      hello and thank you for helping me. I like to play a C & C AR2 since my first gaming days and still reinstall it from time to time for a quick round. But I play it (I think) somewhat different than most. I basically play against easy enemys and use my time to build the ideal basis with absurd defense layers. This whole stage lasts up to 3 hours until I am bored and I start a new game. The best modification to this would be some kind of timer, starting after 2 hours of playing time, when a huge attack starts so I can use my defense. Alternatively, there could also be a very strong opponent, which only attacks after 2 hours. Now the question: Is there is any way to set up such a scenario (mod, trainer, editor)? Thank you for your help
    • By Noddynod443
      Hello admins, My Problem is Centered Around Networking...
      I have one computer that is "split" into two separate computers by using Softxpand, a multiseat gaming software:
      Softxpand link:
      Youtube "demonstration" video:
      I am trying to play by LAN server.
      Using station #1, CnCnet starts the lan server using the internal ip address and hosts a game...
      On station #2 CnCnet starts up the LAN lobby but doesn't startup the lanserver program because it is already running elsewhere on the computer (station #1). 
      Station #2 can see and join station #1's game in the lobbie, but gets kicked due to connection error...
      Somehow cncnet must be able to host and join on a multiseat computer setup...Perhaps:
      .Fix cncnet and using ip address 
      .edit the values in the cncnetlanserver.exe config file
      .make an update for cncnet in make it compatible with multiseat software
      Thank you Sirs,
    • By NerevarII
      Just quickly threw this map pack together. When I have some time to dedicate to picking out some of my more quality stuff, I'll throw together a new map pack.
      These are maps (and/or map-mods) for OpenRA, as examples of what I plan to bring over to CnCNet. However, this is just a small portion, and will show more later on.
      As promised, here you go:
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