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ladder like age of empires 2?

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I hope very much you establish a points system like voobly.

1. Toe map of YR is good for team game, but if one player is noob, the game is boring. so it needs points system. The same level of players playing together, that's more fun.

2. Everyone has an initial points, for example like voobly 1600.  @Grant no need quick match, only custom match and each game results into personal points. After a long time, if u r good player, u have a high score, can know others what level is. when u host a game, u can set a score limit like 1900, then the game becames fun, because the levels of this room is the same.

3.This needs nickname can't change, if change, score will be 1600. and this can avoid cheats or malicious disconnected or curse.Everyone cherishes his account and tries to improve the score.

4.This score needs divide into two parts: 1v1 and teamgame.

5.For disconnected, if It's difficult to determine the result, disconnected 2 times is equivalent to losing the game.

I really want a fun play with others, so this points system is needed. I was deeply shocked by the aoe 2, now they have National Cup 2017. One reason of aoe can keep vitality is voobly, so first we need points system: high level play with high level, medium level play with medium level, this we all can have fun.

With best regards

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