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Internal Error / Exception Access Violation



I have a problem playing skirmish and multiplayer because i keep getting this error internal error unable to continue and i tried to look for a fix and none of them worked or unable to change since the menu's are different. It happens randomly when i start playing a match it can be like a minute in or it can be 20 minutes in and i really want to fix it because i am leaving games because of this and its not very nice. I don't have lag issues i run it perfectly but just that error ruins it and i reinstalled it and nothing happened as in it didn't fix. 

I added the error message that i think pops up every time i crashed and the image for the message tell me if  you need for info because all i can say right now is that it runs fine and i have no trouble with any menu's launching games creating etc just that error that popa up sometime when i play a match multiplayer and skirmish. 



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