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How to record games


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What windows? What pentium cpu?


For very old pc's with XP/VIsta/7 you can use Growlers Guncam, it even runs on a old Athlon XP with 256mb ram.

If you have a hardware encoder (exists since 6 years I think) you can try OBS or Bandicam.

Newer pc's can easily record with x264 real time encoding (high quality) using OBS


Bandicam is easy to use, but not free.

OBS is free but not easy to use.


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On 09/10/2017 at 9:05 AM, Kikematamitos said:

Well i have a lot of experience in that, i can teach you what i know, Dxtory and H.264 codec for record is the best way for a crappy computer, that is what i use when i play in shitty laptop and Is not bad  also you can change the settings to get the best ones for your pc. 

If you need more help, i use the same name in skype. 

I try to use Dxtory, it registeredthe Yuri client, but not the game.

Is there any settings ?

I switch to Yuri's revenge profil, but i got only black screen during the video. Yet i can heard the sound of the game..

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8 hours ago, Kikematamitos said:

You need to record before start the game and play 

I do, 


so i see the Cncnet screen, then loading screen, then when the game start it's black screen with the sound of the game (construction, ready etc...) . 

But all black, no image. When the game is over, the image come back.

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