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Help with RA2YR Mapping * Tiles bugging out*


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Hey everyone, I've been mapping for a little while but I'm running into this VERY annoying problem when making an Urban map for RA2YR while using the latest version of the Final alert 2 map editor.

I go to make a ramp facing to the north east and i can never get it to fit properly and this only seems to happen with the urban ramps. I will post screenshots/videos if anyone can help me figure this one out because i'd really like to take my mapping to the next level and start doing different styles of terrain and cliffs and what not.




This is what happens, this is just an example from 4 corners of chaos map.  It doesn't seem to line up. But I have a hard time even getting it to get to this point of lining up correctly and being even. If someone could possibly show me how to create north east facing ramps like this please contact me. Thank you.


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