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red alert


im trying to edit map liquid gold rush to auto ally,, I follow the advise steps of adding [autoallywayponts] etc...   but how do i get the map thats edited back up to cnc net?

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Edit the map (make sure you also change the name of it slightly to ensure you will find it again - e.g. "liquid gold rush by bakenast"), save it and then restart cncnet. Now you can search for the map by clicking on the map preview to open the map browser

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    • By Tor_Heyerdal
      Hi. I've spent the last two days making a custom map, and every time that my friend and I try to launch it, both of our clients crash immediately upon game start, and we both get the same error: "Red Alert crashed at address 0x004fef6c. Ask in the CnCNet forums for more information." So... here I am in the CnCNet forums asking for more information. lol. I have no idea what this error means, or how to decode it, and I have no idea what I might have done wrong in the map to botch it so hard. lol. I did absolutely zero trigger or AI meddling. I just started a new blank map, painted it up, reset the starting locations, and saved it. Is there something I'm missing? I've tried googling the error, and I've found absolutely nothing. I've also tried googling things like "Red Alert custom map keeps crashing", and that's also begotten no results. Everything's all for RA 2 or 3. Can someone please shed some light on the situation?
    • By Sadukar09
      Hello folks.
      I've been doing some modifications to RA1 recently.
      Got a lot more indepth than what I remembered a decade ago.
      During my modding, I made some icons and shps. You might find them useful.
      I combined/fixed (and rescaled) some shps together from other creators. I apologize if I missed your credit.
      Leopard 2A4 (rescaled from ROB's Armageddon V) - 2tnk
      Bergpanzer Buffel (made from ROB's Leopard 2+TD MLRS) - Uses ttnk
      BRDM Strela-1 (made from AchromicWhite's BRDM and M48) - Uses ant1
      TO-62 Flame Tank (AW's T-72 rescaled into ant shps) - ant2
      IT-1 Drakon Missile Tank (made from AchromicWhite's TD Light tank+2tnk base) - ant3
      BTR-80 (rescaled from ROB) - truk
      Fennek (rescaled BRDM) - jeep
      M2 Bradley (AW's TD light tank + BMP-1) - apc
      T-80U (combined AW's TD 2tnk+T-80) - 4tnk
      M60A3 Patton (1tnk with commander's MG turret on turret) - 1tnk
      M163 VADS (rescaled APC+flipped TD 1tnk turret) - stnk
      I've attached a preview for the Bergpanzer, the rest you'll have to download to see.
      Good luck.
      Modern SHPs Icon Pack.rar

    • By steeLbeed
      I have to reinstall cncnet every time I restart computer.  if I don't after restart, with my current cncnet options, when the game loads in skirm or online, it will auto flash back to my desktop.  The only way I can fix that is to uncheck "stretch to custom res 640x480."  but if I do that, then the mouse "floats" at warp speed.  the only way ive been able to get it to correct is to delete cncnet folder, restart, then reinstall.  Any thoughts about cncnet video options, or maybe video card/display options? I feel like ive tried every combination /variation to just play 640x480 with a normal mouse feel.
      Thanks.. maybe it's easier to back/forth through email with screenshots?
    • By NerevarII
      I won't go into detail, but I understand completely why people here don't like OpenRA or the the people who run it. And why people are leaving OpenRA more and more. I've never experienced such displeasure and so many injustices dealing with the heads of OpenRA.
      I'm wondering if there is a way to transfer, or convert, my OpenRA maps to something usable here, and, if not, I can post them anyway as "educational material" for those who wish to learn something from what I've created.
      Lastly, if anyone is willing to help me bring the OpenRA source code to a usable level here, or create something entirely separate (think, a TRUE modernized Red Alert, which stays true to the original game), since the source code is open-source and free for anyone to use and redistribute.
      p.s. I have a lot to offer and talent/experience with creating thing's for the command and conquer series, and I've wasted much of that on the undeserving OpenRA, and wish to bring my contributions here instead, as I should have from the beginning. Let's get modding
      edit: I wanted to to mention that a lot of my ideas were used, despite my ideas being "trash" as the heads of OpenRA put it, yet the ripoff and/or directly use my ideas. The content that I created and services offered to users by me were valued by the majority of the community, and it's a shame that despite them wanting me back, I simply have to move on because of what was done to me there by a small group of people. My maps and map-mods became popular and demanded, I created a free and open discord, which users enjoyed, because it allowed them a break from the tyranny of those who run things for OpenRA and gained 100 members within days. I since then deleted my discord because I planned on leaving OpenRA for good......but the community wanted me back, so I came back. This time, I hope they understand that it is not an enironment I wish to be a part of, especially with the insane troll infestation there. I treated people with kindness, love, and respect, and taught people how to play as well as making fun content for them to enjoy and showing them a good time, as well as helping mediate disputes and fight back against the malicious people there in hope that they would focus on me instead of the rest of the community.
      I also helped discover and patch exploits, contributed to the game on github (tho, that content was removed out of spite, or more accurately, claimed as their own ideas/work), and helped with server testing and game tests.
      I guess I'm just trying to show my experience and skill with creating content that people enjoy, and hope I can continue creating such content here for all to enjoy, as well as explain ahead of time why some thing's can't be found, but if proof of my work or claims is needed, I can do my best to meet your demands.
    • By Van Colt
      Hello, i'm new (i just joined today)  but i was working for a while in a Red Alert 1 mod, but i am stuck, because i have some doubts about wether units can be replicated (or not)
      Well, my mod has some great ideas, more than anything my mod will focus in combat between vehicles now the allies could build the airfield too (they have the A-10 from CnC TD),
      a lot more ideas. So if anyone wants to help me making this mod just reply.
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