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How to make a superweapon warhead able to mind control building?


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Hello guys. I'm fresh new to the forum and this is my first post. Thanks ahead for your supports.

Also a disclaimer, I sort of know the idea behind patch and Ares, but have very little experiences with them. Don't flame me too hard :s. Also my ini modding is somewhat average tbh.

I came across this video a few days ago:


I was curious how was the guy in the video being able to achieve that. It seems like some sort of a modified and cloned version of the PsychicDominatorSpecial. I was playing around with the mix and ini files (some of the assets from Red Resurrection as well, kudos to the RR team), managed to replicate somewhat of what he did. But I was not able to make the DominatorWH warhead to control buildings at all.

Any tips on how to make it possible? I mess around with some of the switching house trigger in the campaign maps back in vanilla RA2 (Allied mission 4 with that big bad glorious Amplifier) but can't get it to work as well (nor know how to connect them to the ini files :|)

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