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After the atest update that i have done i deal with some trouble in Yuris revenge and the trouble is when i start a game no matter if its with pc or online player my game or if i join (any kind of game anyway :p ) my screen becomes total black and stays like that but the game behind is still playing because i can here the builting to be builted from other players or pc and this happen since the last update 4.7 :( , 





client.log is attached , please let me know if you need any other information 


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      These are my issues regarding the games I've downloaded.
      Yuri Revenge - Game working fine but no music soundtrack with it. (during testing)
      Mental Omega - Installed but cannot run or update (say some file corrupted / unable to read), please repost the files to download.
      Twisted Insurrection - Unable to download (SmartScreen blocked it), no links to download later on, other issue pending install.
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      Hi i was thinking about modding red alert 2 to make it a 3d game. I basicaly want to get rid of the classic 2d isometric rigid view of the classic cncs. Basically not changing anything but the view. what i want is an added feature. You may use the  classic view but u can change perspective. 
      I just want to know if i ever wanted to do it what would be the process. Is it a thing that even a modding noob like myself could do or is just too complicated.?
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      One day I launched CnCNetClientYR.exe and had an update for version 4.22 waiting. I clicked on update. It showed a command window which said waiting for DTA client to exit to continue with the update. I waited for sometime and nothing moved. Then I opened TaskManager and closed DTA client. Then the update continued and the software was updated to 4.22 version.
      Today I saw an update for 4.23 version waiting and the same thing happened.
      Can't you (the updater software) kill DTA client before waiting for it to exit? Who is supposed to close it? DTA client does not show up anywhere other than the task manager while on this situation.
      If it happens again in the next update, I will surely take a snapshot and share.
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      So I just updated the client to the latest version, my friend created a LAN game and when I want to press 'ready', it does not work; the button is not doing absolutely nothing apart from highlighting when I put the mouse over. I also tried all keys from the keyboard to actually press on the button, but I was not able to find one.
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      When i go to download Red Alert 2 it proceeds to download Yuri's Revenge. Then doesn't allow me to download, reason given is i don't have the game installed... Please help i really want RA2. don't mind YR either but it wont download either game. 

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