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when i start yuri's revenge im in the lobby for like 2 mins and all of a sudden all the games on the left start to disappear then it will say connection to cnc has been lost then trying to connect to other lobby and this keeps happening. please help??????????????? 

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    • By RisingDeadMan0
      So bought the game off Origins and downloaded it. 
      Then ran the cncnet it went all the way to the set up screen and to installing the patch which seemed to work.
      then it wont quite open and so many short cuts to the game not sure which is the cncnet version either.
      has worked for me before for different versions of the game.

    • By RisingDeadMan0
      Okay so everything works and played the orignal version of the game for the first time in  8 years or so.
      But trying to get the CNCnet to work it doesnt seem to want to.
      it updates the patch for the first time on this computer and that black launcher box is supposed to close but instead it doesnt so then the game never re-opens but the sound is running in the background still and to close that i need the task manager.
      usually when a patch installs the box closes and the game opens fine but first time on this one it didnt which sucks

    • By El-deeb
      what the heck is this ?  😡
      not all the games i closed before it ends 
      a lot of them i finished to the end !
      Any explanation ??? 

    • By ZakaDiM
      I've downloaded maps and put them in the custom maps folder but cncnet will not convert .yrm to .map
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