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Yuris revenge doesent work sinse i installed cncnet



a week ago I bought c n c ultimate edition soley for Yuris Revenge and I had fun on singleplayer since but today I decided to play online. I found your site and I attempted to install. it seemed to do fine until it finsished installing. it attempted to open the game up but failed and and displayed a black screen with a message titled KABOOOOOOM and said  "Yuris revenge has crashed. Error Message: HRESULT: [0X887a0022],  Module: (SharpDX.DXGI), ApiCode: [DXGI_ERROR_NOT CURRENTLY_AVAILABLE/Notcurrently available), Message: A resourse is not available at the time of the call, but may become available later." what does this mean? I tried reinstalling the game and now it just doesent work at all.

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Unsure if this is the fix for it, but I believe some moderator mentioned this issue and provided a patch here:


If you scroll all the way down (before the last post) there is a link you can click and download a patch for this problem. 

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