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Tiberium Resurrection 3.5 - in 4 days

TR has another developer - AntonV, the pixel art and animation creator

Pre-release game night on Saturday from 6pm CET! Play with the devs and gain early access to the update. Join our discord on discord.gg/jwRerrV to find out more!

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Tiberium Resurrection 3.5 changelog

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sgxqrhas3g4wg8d/TiberiumResurrection.exe/file

the Prologue: https://www.mediafire.com/file/35cyl1xc65r2e3i/the_Prologue.zip/file

Client 📟 (used @Rampastring TS Client and re-configured it for TR)

new options for Unlock Tech, Mutant Armory, Factory Bonus

- new dropdown Special Scenarios (Showdown, TIberium Apocalypse)

General 🌍 (in-game changes)

- full new GDI Eva (by No Strings Prd)

- red tiberium now appears red in the radar

- re-shade implementation

- AI enhancements

Sountrack 🎧 (in-game themes)

- new OST Death Game, Crushed, Trees in the Distance, Monster, Trip in the Tib

- fixed song lengths from in-game menu

Maps 🗺️ (dunno what to add here 🤷‍♂️)


- re-implemented the Prologue - a worthy introduction to the TR story


- new map 

- remastered Grassy Knoll, Sinkholes, Seismic

- fixed "silos needed" option crash on some maps when it was turned off

Game 🎮 (units, building, vehicles, aircraft and other)


- ion cannon has a new fire animation

- fully re-made outpost

- ion cannon addon no longer needs tech center to be built

- engineer now requires radar to be built

...and much more balance changes


- fully re-made outpost

- nod tech center replaced by temple of nod

- obelisk of light has a new sounds

- nod buggy can now Q-move

- engineer now requires radar to be built

- enginner and radar array have a new "faction fitting" texture

...and much more balance changes


- Mutant, Mutant Sniper, Tiberian Fiend, Mutant Hijacker now buildable via Armories

- added tiberium infested buildings


- enhanced red tiberium tree animation

- you can no longer enter civilian vehicles

- remastered red tiberium values 

- tree strength is 100 (was 200)

Check the full changelog here: https://www.diffchecker.com/21gsKf2M

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Fellow TR fans

After a nearly 4 month break I am very happy to talk to you again. The 2020 seems to be really crazy year for everyone (including me). Either way, I hope you are all healthy and doing good. I spent my summer climbing mountains and hiking and I hope you all found an activity that kept you occupied (like playing remaster 😉). TR development was stagnating, but has been resumed in September. We are already making a great progress so expect further updates occasionally!

First of all, I am currently working on another 1v1 map - Desert(ed)! The map is supposed to be mildly big "playground" desert that players can explore. I am trying to make it feel like an actual desert with an oasis all all the other parts!


Next up, GDI is gonna get an AA vehicle - M-Flak! Fast scout and Banshee slayer - depending on how you use it

The goal is to give GDI ability to efficiently defend against air enemies while keeping the mobility of an army. You just gotta micromanage these guys a bit and please - do not send them in the front line 😆


Furthermore, both factions will get an advanced harvester! These will become available later in the game and will try to reflect on faction's play-style

GDI will get sturdy, but slow harvy that can take much more tiberium than the regular one while Nod will get a cloaked one with smaller capacity for your spec ops mining operations!


This all is WIP at the moment, so their look / stats still might change


Stay tuned for more news, changes and updates!

See ya soon 👋

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Greeting Commanders!

I'm known as Tiberius, and in celebration of TR's 2-year anniversary, it is my pleasure on behalf of the TR staff to share a detailed look into what has been going on behind the curtains for the past few months, as well as our plans moving forward!

Something big has happened for TR; Askhati has joined us as a staff member, and is graciously lending us his talents as a voxel artist and building editor. This of course gives us a whole new level of possibilities moving forward, and a lot of our focus lately has been on deciding and designing on TR's visuals and new assets. With that, I would like to present just a peek at what Askhati has been up to:


New Units

With this update, TR now features advanced harvesters, available at the third tier of advancement (Tech Center/Temple) for a higher price. These are specially designed to fit a faction's doctrine and style for some unique advantages and drawbacks.



For GDI we have the Atlas, a super-heavy harvester that sacrifices some speed in order to have both better armour and carry capacity. Furthermore, it carries scanners to detect any Nod stealth ambushes, and is all in all designed as a more survivable "frontier harvester" best deployed at exposed outposts.



For Nod, we have the Stealth Harvester. It is light and has a smaller cargo hold than the standard harvester, but instead carries cloaking technology. As such it can steal valuable strains of tib from beyond your base without exposing itself, or it can operate at home and make it difficult for GDI to spot and target your harvesters.

Each faction is also getting a brand new fighting unit!



This is the Mobile Flak IFV – or M-Flak for short. It is immediately available as you build your War Factory, and fills two gaps within the GDI roster: First of all we hated the idea that GDI was absolutely required to tech up in order to have a mobile answer to aircraft, as it shoehorned players into a certain build order before they could proprly expand or attack. Secondly, GDI's slow walkers make it hard for them to properly scout early in the game, especially on big maps. This light IFV with its dedicated AA dual flak cannons now allows GDI to do both, but it is fragile and has no defense against grounded attackers, so the more advanced later options still have some advantages.



Nod's new fire support unit. It carries a rapid-fire laser and is perfect for melting any target from behind a wall of Tick Tanks, synergizing perfectly with Nod's existing army. To carry enough power and not overheat it has had to sacrifice armour, and its strength lies in its varsatile damage. As the portable laser it quite advanced, you will need a Temple before you can field them.



We are in the process of "redesigning" some of the existing units, giving them a facelift and making them better visually reflect any balance changes TR has made to them:



The Amphibious APC looked outdated and out of place with it being fully remapped to the player's colour, so we updated it to simply better fit it.



TR's Disruptor is quite a bit lighter than that in vanilla TS, and its graphics now reflect that with its exposed tracks and the hull being less of a solid block. Detailing has also been improved in general. The white bits you see are heat sinks for the weapon.



Less beach-buggy, more military vehicle, we feel that this fits better with Nod having moved on from their rag-tag and improvised roster of TD.



The Devil's Tongue has received a much needed upgrade in its detailing – you can now actually make out the tracks and grinders, instead of it being a bright grey shoebox.

Even more is in the works, both updates to existing models as well as more original units!



 The update will feature many new as well as a few enhanced maps. Each of the maps is unique in a way to prevent the game from feeling stereotype-ish.



In addition, the Prologue has been updated and enhanced based on the feedback we received to achieve better and bug-free experience! Besides that, we are very happy to hear that you enjoyed playing the Prologue. We are sorry that it is currently placed as an addon, but worry not - we are doing our best to fix the issue and make downloading the Prologue a bit easier. 


Last but not least, we started the development of the 2nd campaign map – Propaganda Forecast. Unlike its predecessor, this version will offer maximum possible freedom for the player during the whole gameplay with the addition of amazing cutscenes and richer story telling like in the Prologue. You will be able to track the whole development of this map via YT series focused on detailed map-making process. Besides other things, we believe this will serve as a motivation and help for other mappers in the future!

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Tiberium Resurrection 4.0 changelog

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0ozp310gx3l1vmt/Tiberium+Resurrection+4.0.zip/file

Client 📟:

- updated TR credits

- updated preset skirmish settings

General 🌍:

- player no longer named "LucasSK" upon installation :D

- merged "the Prologue" addon with the main game (follow instructions in "New Campaign" menu to play it - props to Bittah!)

- fixed invisible Armories bug

- fixed Infinite Tiberium option turning red tiberium to blue

- nerfed the AI (since difficulty "medium" and above was nearly unbeatable)

- buildings now lose health much faster when on low power

Sountrack 🎧:

- added Among the Titans and Legacy of Nod

- removed Trib in the Tib

Maps 🗺️:

- Prologue 1.1 - enhanced version of the Prologue for even better experience

- added 2 skirmish maps - Ravine and Desert-ed

- remastered Limited Access

- updated already existing skirmish maps

- fixed City Rally glitches

- fixed Tiers of Sorrow forced Ion Storm

- removed Fields of Insurgency

Game 🎮:


- added Watchman and Atlas Harvester

- added new voice lines for APC

- updated Disruptor and APC textures

- updated Power Plant (needs only 1 upgrade instead of two to produce maximum power)

- tweaked Orca Fighter fire sound

- tweaked Hover MLRS

- tweaked Juggernaut

- tweaked JumpJet

- tweaked Vulcan Tower and its fire sound

- buffed Titan

- buffed Tech Center

- buffed Refinery

- buffed War Factory

- buffed Construction Yard

- nerfed Wolverine

- nerfed Disc Thrower

- nerfed EMPulse

- nerfed Disruptor

- nerfed Orca Bomber

- nerfed Ghost Stalker


- added Stealth Harvester, Scarab Tank and Ravager

- added new voice lines for Stealth Tank

- updated Buggy and Devil's Tongue textures

- fixed Buggy turret offset

- fixed Reaper firing position

- tweaked Devil's Tongue

- tweaked Buggy and its fire sound

- buffed subterrannean vehicles underground speed

- buffed Refinery

- buffed War Factory

- buffed Temple of Nod

- buffed Construction Yard

- buffed Laser fence Post

- nerfed EMPulse

- removed Tick Tank (for now)


- added 4 civilian vehicles - Tanker, Mass Hauler, Flatbed and Lorry

- updated Scavenged Tank textures

- buffed Mutant Sniper

- buffed Mutant

- nerfed Tiberian Fiend


- added 5 destroyable rocks

- added 1 infested city building

- added a Snowman :)

- re-balanced Crates (again)

- nerfed Red Tiberium value

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Fellow TR fans, it has already been more than 10 days since 4.0 release. We really believe that you enjoy the update as much as we are looking forward to the next one. If you found any bugs, please report them immediately to the staff on our Discord server! So far, we are only aware of desync that can be encountered when playing online with friends and bots simultaneously. Worry not though, this issue will be fixed in the next update!

As always I wanted to share some news with you regarding TR 🙂


First of all, you may have noticed that TR has a new logo! HUGE props goes to @CCHyper - https://www.artstation.com/cchyper for making this awesome design! It is already present on most of the TR sites and forums and soon it will be noticeable on our YouTube channel as well!



Secondly, @zoom3000 posted another great gameplay from the newest build. Yet again he managed to find some slight... *cough* imperfections that will be patched by 4.5. You can watch his video below!


Lastly, I would like to ask for your help! TR currently seeks new testers and voice actors. As you know, there is never enough people for these 2 roles 😛. In-case you have some spare time and are either experienced TS player or curious voice actor, feel free to contact us on our Discord: https://discord.gg/jwRerrV. We will be delightened to welcome some new faces into our team!


Have a wonderful day 👋


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Hello everyone, it's christmas time again and with it comes the last TR post of this year. Before I begin though, I would like to wish you all merry christmas and a happy new year! Stay safe and enjoy the holidays 😝


Secondly, I would like to announce a BIG asset addition to snow theater. As you all know, I am currently working on the second campaign map, which is snow so I decided to convert stuff from temperate to make the snow theater more viable option for both campaign and skirmish maps. So far, we managed to add the following items:

  • fonas
  • rocks
  • civilian buildings
  • billboards
  • lamps
  • logo pavement
  • pavement cliffs
  • red, green and blue crystal tiles

It took quite some time, effort and troubleshooting to make this all work, so I would like to thank @Hamed_Elite and @Bittah Commander for helping me to achieve this goal!


In addition, we have a plenty of new OSTs on their way! You can listen to the newest ones here:


I would love to show you more from the development of the Propaganda Forecast, but that will have to wait for a bit longer. I am happy to inform you that the progress is going good so far and I am really looking forward to release it! For now, I will just leave you with this 😉

Have a great day!

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Tiberium Resurrection 5.0 development update #2

It has been yet another month since the last update. I hope you all enjoyed holidays and rested a bit. In addition to that, we made some progress on the project, nearing the update 5.0 - the biggest update for TR so far! Here is just a fraction of stuff you can look forward to in the upcoming update:


First of all, whole sidebar has been re-made from scratch. @bk57 (who is in charge of this) did an outstanding job matching TR feel and designing this beautiful interface for commander to work with. Here is the WIP preview!



Secondly, all current (and upcoming 😉) radar movies will be enhanced, to deliver extra smoothness and color depth compared to their current look in the version 4.0.



Next up, the soundtrack. The very fundamental feature of each and every game that can immerse player even more into the game world. @AlexTheDacian and @Hamed_Elite are doing an awesome job composing these. We even have some remastered OSTs from the original game. In total, the update 5.0 should feature more than 10 new tracks for you to listen to, here are some of my already-published personal favorites:


The 2nd campaign map - Propaganda Forecast has been further developed. I believe its currently at about 1/3 of its development, with general look and outlines already done. I am currently finishing the details getting ready to do the triggers & scripts. There are some pretty cool things ahead of us related top this map, which I will discuss later, so do stick around! Here is the latest time-lapse vid from its development:


In addition to the HUGE snow theater asset expansion mentioned in the last post, even more assets will be available for snow maps including crystal cliffs, paved road bits and road fixups. The monorail slopes have been fixed btw. Dunno what WW thought 😆


So, when is this all gonna be out? I can not say for sure, and I do not want to set release dates (since we all know I am bad at it 🙄), but I believe that the update can arrive in the first half of March. There is soo much stuff that has been done and even more than needs to be done. It will be worth the wait, I promise.

If you want to contribute, we still search for more testers, voice actors and shp artists! In-case you fit into any of these roles and have some free time, please contact me on TR dicord: https://discord.gg/jwRerrV and help us deliver the best update possible 😏


See ya again soon 👋

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Tiberium Resurrection 5.0 development update #3

After yet another month of development, the project is getting closer to its biggest update by far. The update is now expected to roll out by the end of the March or in the early April. We have much more stuff to unveil, but I have been told not to write too long posts, so lets try to sum up some key points of the development over the last month! 😛


Firstly, Nod is getting 4 new units to counter GDI forces with. All of them excell at different scenarios and they are soo much fun to play with! Beware GDI (props to Tiberius and Hamed).


Light Tank

A new type of light tank, introduced after the Tick Tank's lack of mobility was found to be too hindering. This new tank has an extremely low profile, meant to both enhance speed and make it harder for the enemy to hit it. While not very individually powerful, they are fast and capable of accurate moving fire, yet more survivable than the older Ticks were in their undeployed form. They work well both as a more flexible frontline to Nod's lighter units, or by using their speed to outmaneuver the enemy and creating holes in their defenses.




While not as powerful as fully-fledged artillery, the strength of this unit lies in its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. In true Nod fashion they are cheap, easy to mass-produce and just light enough to quickly be where they are needed. They are a perfect companion to heavier units such as tanks or cyborgs, making up for the lack of firepower or range of said units. Their accessibility makes it easy for Nod to always field versatile, mixed formations and potentially turn the tide against GDI's lumbering giants.



"Swatter" Anti-Air Tank

Given its nickname as a way of mocking the GDI airforce, this unit was introduced to help facilitate Nod's move back to a more mobile, aggressive approach to fighting GDI, by providing reliable anti-air coverage out in the field. With the newer Orca fighters being both sturdier and faster than their older cousin, Nod's bikes and hand-held rocket launchers were simply no longer up to the task. This tank is actually heavier than Nod's new MBT, as it is meant to withstand bombardment if need be, and stop the enemy aircraft getting to Nod's more fragile units. Despite its armour however, it is not meant for use as a frontline tank, as its weaponry is designed to reliably hit moving aircraft, not punch through GDI ground forces.



Mobile Rocket Platform

Nod's deploying artillery was found to be a poor match with their aptitude for speed and flexibility, and with GDI introducing artillery of their own, its raw power was no longer deemed a good trade-off. Nod has instead opted for using rockets for long-range bombardment, as they don't produce a recoil that necessitates the unit rooting itself to fire. While they do sacrifice a small bit of range, their mobility allows them to more easily get in range, and immediately start firing. This means that he moment GDI wants to maneuver their artillery positions, they become very vulnerable.



Secondly, the development of Propaganda Forecast progressed by miles! The map itself should be done by a week or so with triggers and stuff to follow. These are just some of the locations you can run into while passing through the map (WIP).


Old Civilian Factory






Nod Outpost Beta



Next up, HUD and interface have been enhanced further thanks to the work and dedication of bk.


In-game menu enhancements



New GDI briefing screen



In addition to this, further OSTs have been released. Alex remixed some well known tracks and Hamed composed a new one this time.


Gas beats


Nod Crush Remix


Linkup remix


If you want to contribute, we still search for more testers, voice actors and shp artists! In-case you fit into any of these roles and have some free time, please contact me on TR dicord: https://discord.gg/jwRerrV and help us deliver the best update possible 😏


Have a great day!

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Tiberium Resurrection 5.0 development update #4

While we love our easter eggs here at TR, we have something even better for you this easter: plenty of new units and updated unit looks, more OSTs and map remasters, brand new website, first test gameplay of the upcoming update 5.0 and a new and better direction for TR as a whole. Let's start with explaining exactly what that means. 😋


TR's setting and story has been given a bit of an overhaul, in order to streamline the project's development as a whole, as well as make the story much easier to follow. Instead of jumping back and forth between timelines during Tiberian Sun's main campaign, TR will be set in the interval between Firestorm and C&C3, and officially consider C&C3 fully canon. Our overall goals for the story – showing both factions vying for the Forgotten's loyalty – remain the same, it will just be based off of their discontent within the Forgotten following Tratos' assassination, instead of off Sheep's Clothing. So aside from some small tweaks to mission dialogue, what this mostly means is that some of our units will be designed to fit within this setting. TR multiplayer takes place some time after the TR campaign, thus supporting this decision.



Bk pushed the limits even further this time, creating an official TR website all by himself. I am stunned and incredibly thankful for his time, effort and heart he put into this. Personally, I love every bit of it and believe that you will too. Please note however, that the web is still in development so some errors/mistakes may appear from time to time. We would appreciate if you could check it out and leave some feedback and/or suggestions for improvement on our Discord: https://discord.gg/jwRerrV



We are also introducing 4 new units and 4 more unit look updates. Hamed, Lupus, Oliver and Nemo worked on these. Great job fellas!

Mammoth Tank Mk. IB

Despite performing well and becoming symbollic of GDI's power in the second war, the Mammoth Mk. II is incredibly costly to produce and maintain, and the highly advanced tech it possesses does not allow for mass-production. Thus a new and improved Mammoth Tank was created, the first in a line that would eventually become the Mark III seen during the third war.



Nod Heavy Tank

As the Tick Tank became increasingly obsolete, but Nod's walker tech was not yet fully developed, they found themselved desperately needing something that could hold off GDI's giants. This earliest iteration of Nod's heavy tanks is considerably heavier than its later third-war cousin, but shares its relatively good agility and ability to push the frontline in Nod's favor.




After the firestorm crisis, Nod began phasing out its use of cyborgs, and so had need of a new generation of elite infantry. These new flamethrower infantry are heavily armoured and specially trained, and would see use all throughout the third war burning the GDI soldiers to the crisps.




The Subterranean APC is great for surprise attacks, but is slow and poorly armoured, and so not very suited to move infantry to or from an active battlefield or to simply make a travel through tiberium field a bit more pleasant. This simpler APC is less tech-intensive, cheaper and able to not only carry more troopers, but also defend them with a roof-mounted heavy machinegun.




Hover MLRS

This fella has been given a visual overhaul, but retains the same stats.




Nod's T2 aircraft has undergone a more significant visual rework, and is now a VTOL. It retains its machinegun, and can essentially be seen as a firerunner to the Venom but without the capacity to carry a laser. Also, they love bugging Forgotten😏



Stealth Tank

Was also brought much closer to its third-war iteration, since we thought this tri-track design looks more interesting than the square box of TS.




Lastly, the harvester was touched up as well, but remains much like in TS, as the factions have not yet develped their next-gen refineries, and the advanced harvesters are still so new that they are tied to the third tech tier.



2 more vanilla TS maps were remastered, bringing the TR feel, red tiberium and armories support as well as better overall balance.

Night of the Mutants (by Messiah)



Hidden Valley (by LucasSK)



In addition to all this, we are also tossing 2 AWESOME OSTs your way to enjoy in-game. Admittedly, these are probably my favorites 😉

The Resurrection (by Matt Majcan)


Cruentus Harvest (by Lupus)


Last but not least, I think its time to show a bit more than images to help shorten the wait. Here is the first gameplay vid of the upcoming update 5.0! I played against Hard AI on Pit or Plateau and had a total blast! I really do believe you guys will enjoy this update as much as I (and the staffers, hopefully 😂) enjoy working on it. PS: I am not the best TS player out there, I made some mistakes as well, I know 😛.


If you want to contribute, we still search for more testers and voice actors! In-case you fit into any of these roles and have some free time, please contact me on TR dicord: https://discord.gg/jwRerrV and help us deliver the best update possible 😏

Have a wonderful day!

 - post by Tiberius and LucasSK

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Tiberium Resurrection 5.0 development update #5

The last 5.0 development update post has arrived! The update itself is expected to roll out in early June along with its changelog. After more than half a year of development, I sincerely believe that you will enjoy the new content and all the changes that this update brings 🙂. Let's walk through some key changes and look at what's been made in the past month!


First and foremost, the update 5.0 will come with a built-in updater!

This means, that any smaller updates, patches or even easter eggs will be distributed and downloadable with a single click in the main menu. These updates won't overwrite your configuration files such as key bindings or game settings, and only the changed files will be updated, thus you won't be forced to download 500MB+ update just to play.



Secondly, thanks to @CCHyper the in-game movies and cutscenes are now a bink(s), instead of .vqa(s). This brings the following benefits:

- the 2nd game.exe that made the movies work properly is no longer necessary. Both SP and MP work flawlessly with the main game.exe!

- the full screen movies as well as the radar cutscenes now run at 30FPS!

- the full screen movies can have custom resolution. Thus they can go all the way up to FullHD if the player wants to!



Thirdly, Anton did a great job yet again, drawing another pixel-art loading screen for TR.

In addition to this, all loading screens will get an "interface" design to fit better into the loading screen role, rather than being just a picture. This one is called "Chemical Missile aftermath", go figure how the operation went for the GDI.



We are also introducing a new Nod unit and an overhaul for the GDI Juggernaut!

DigitalDirectSA, Nemo and Lupus worked on these. You rock guys!

Nod Cricket Bike

After encountering continuous loses in the 2nd tiberium war, Nod decided to turn to their fanatic sub-factions yet again. A smaller, faster and even lighter version of Nod Bike was invented and armed with a violate tiberium bomb. While not as effective in squads, these bikes can wipe out large enemy forces or stationary Juggernauts with ease, if the ambush is executed properly.



GDI Juggernaut

Juggernauts proved to be an effective weapon for GDI, ravaging through enemy forces and bases from behind the front line. A new, slower but more sturdy version of the Juggernaut was developed, allowing the Juggs to operate more safely and effectively even afar from the main base.



The 2nd campaign map - Propaganda Forecast is nearly finished!

I do not want to spoil too much of its story nor gameplay, so I will just share some nice screenshots for ya to enjoy in the meantime. I believe you all (as well as @zoom3000 and @TaxOwlbear) will enjoy this 6-month map project! I really did my best to make it enjoyable, original and truly an unforgettable experience 😛

Downed Bridge



Northern Research Station



Tiberium Zone



Lastly, some more OSTs were published! 

Lupus and Hamed represented TR style very well with these ones. They make a great in-game atmosphere.

Crystalline Evolution


Inferior Mutation


I really do hope that the update will be worth the wait. If you want to contribute, we still search for more testers and voice actors! In-case you fit into any of these roles and have some free time, please contact me on TR dicord: https://discord.gg/jwRerrV and help us deliver the best update possible 😏

Have a nice rest of the day!

 - post by LucasSK

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TR Propaganda Forecast feature overview - Propaganda Transmitters

One of the key goals while developing the upcoming 2nd campaign map was to make it feel authentic, alive and true to its title. In its first objective, the player is tasked to disable 3 Nod propaganda transmitters that are scattered around the map. However, instead of using the common minimap ping and "wreck-the-base" approach, I chose to do something new and perhaps unique.

What if the objective could be followed using audio and how far can we go make the approach realistic? After a days of tough work, I can say that I am quite pleased with the results. As seen in the video, transmitters actually emit the propaganda. This way, the player can pit point their approximate location by exploring the map (or scrolling through it, at least). The propaganda is not too loud, so you wont be able to hear it from afar and its played 1 by 1 to avoid overlapping. Kudos to No Strings and our 3 voice actors for helping me with this btw, you rock guys 🙃

In addition to this, the game/AI will react to the transmitter being attacked, destroyed, captured or low on power thus making the environment feel nice and responsive. Nod would not let you take down one of their toys with ease, would they?

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 TR Propaganda Forecast feature overview #2 - Drop-zone selection

Another key aspect that was taken into a consideration when making the PF was a location, where player would eventually be able to deploy his MCV and try to ravage the main Propaganda Center in the 2nd objective. 

I wanted to do something innovative, original and interesting. Something that would not favour a single play style or get repetitive easily. With this in-mind, I came up with the idea of giving the player an actual option to choose where his MCV and units will be dropped down. 

The map has 3 + 1 such spots to choose from in total! Car park / valley / wrecked GDI base / ravaged city. Each spot has its own statistics - its pros and cons such as tib. lifeform presence, terrain quality, distance from the enemy, amount of tiberium, etc. 

In addition to this, each spot favours a specific play style and has its own challenges that the player will face. Ultimately, the challenge spot (city one) was designed to be for those who seek an extra challenge and are not fooling around 😛

The cutscene, in which you will be briefed about the locations is still in works, but the selection itself is completed. Take a look at how it works in-game, I do hope you will enjoy it! (twas a hell to script)

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Tiberium Resurrection 5.0 has arrived! 🥳

After 9 months of development, the long awaited update is finally here. It was a long and stressful journey with a lot of obstacles and delays along the way. However, I am proud to say that TR feels entirely different than in the v4.0. I believe we achieved what we aimed to and that the journey will be worth it at the end of the day. I would like to express my eternal gratitude towards TR staff for their love, time and effort they put into this project. As for you, whether you are a newcomer or a returning player, I do hope that the update won’t dissapoint and will be worth your time!

If you want to contribute to the development and never-ending journey of polishing and fixing bugs of TR and Propaganda Forecast, please consider filling out this short questionnaire after you play the PF or simply join our discord and then feel free to give any kind of feedback in the support🆘 channel.


Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8zyy6ewoayh1wrv/Tiberium_Resurrection_5.0.zip/file

FullHD Cutscenes: https://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberium-resurrection/downloads/tr-50-high-resolution-cutscenes1

- (unpack the .zip into a clean directory, changelog)


I wish you many nice memories from the game and as little crashes as possible 😛

     - Lucas

Edited by LucasSK
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Tiberium Resurrection 5.1 out now!

TR is keeping up with the ongoing TS anniversary event! For this occasion, we are proudly introducing an update 5.1. Full changelog can be found below, but the most notable changes are:

  • 2 new skirmish maps - Autumn Flare [5] and The Six Path of Tiberium [3]
  • Propaganda Forecast 1.1 -  improved AI, fixes and enhancements
  • 4 new units - Huey Transport, Nod Carryall, Solus Beam Cannon and Flame Tank
  • 9 units re-textured - Cricket Bike, Attack Cycle, Juggernaut, Monarch, GDI & Nod Outpost, Stealth Harvester, Stealth Tank, Mammoth mk.1b

Download: https://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberium-resurrection/downloads/tiberium-resurrection-5-0

- (unpack the .zip into a clean directory, changelog)






Nod Outpost


See ya all on the anniversary events!

  - Lucas 😛

Edited by LucasSK
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Greetings commanders! We have some big news to share with you, some sad and some exciting. Some of you may have noticed that for the past few months, Lupus has been holding the reins as leader of the project in place of LucasSK. What was initially meant to be a temporary situation has become permanent, as Lucas has decided to leave the project for good due to a lack of time and wanting to pursue other ventures.

So with the mod's founder gone, what does the future hold?

A lot of the current staff have put many hours and a lot of passion into TR, and would hate to see that go. On the other hand a lot of us are not excited at the idea of trying to realize what was essentially Lucas' very personal vision for the mod. So after much deliberation, we have decided that TR is going to undergo a rebranding. Basically, we want to take all the parts that we love about TR, and take this opportunity to continue with those under a new name and creative vision of our own.

We hope to soon present to you Tiberium Metamorphosis, the spiritual successor to Tiberium Resurrection. This new version of the project will be co-lead by Lupus, the author of our unit models and most of our music, and Tiberius who has been largely responsible for gameplay design and balancing since the mod began. The mod's setting will largely stay the same, taking place between the events of Firestorm and Kane's Wrath. As will it's unit rosters and gameplay, which we are actively polishing for the new version. But our approach to storytelling and playable content will be different. Missions will follow a stand-alone model, meaning they will be self-contained stories, still fitting within the overall lore, but not strung together into one big campaign. This gives us more freedom to develop mission ideas and handle the workload of mission scripting as a team, hopefully meaning we can put out more content.

On the technical side of things, we are also taking this opportunity to start off a fresh codebase built from the latest TS client, re-implementing and cleaning up the mod's assets. TR's first year saw a lot of contributors come and go, shifting art directions and rewrites, as well as Lucas and the rest of us sort of finding our footing and building our skills as modders. This has resulted in some messy code and the mod's tone and style being a little all over the place. We are taking time to figure out better systems for how we develop and setting a cohesive direction for the project. So bear with us while we sort this all out, as it will make things a lot easier for us to make, and more stable for you to play.

The metamorphosis is upon us, and we hope to see you all for our first release! During this transition we need testers more than ever, so if you want to help us throw either lead a message.

P.S. The changes to the main Discord server and to the various text channels spread around the C&C community will take a while to implement, so bear with us while we sift through everything.

---End of Lupus' message---

---Excerpt from Lucas' message---

Hello folks, this is my last announcement here. Frankly, I am not even sure what to write 😆 

As said above, I am leaving the project due to personal reasons and I don't think it should be expanded further here. I do believe Lupus will make a great mod-lead with the rest of the staff standing behind him.

I would like to thank you all for being here with me, supporting and helping me. Remember to stay true to yourself, do what you enjoy in life and work on yourself - whatever you want to achieve is possible!

I thought about this and believe leaving is my best bet at the moment. However, I will still be available on discord in my DMs or on my personal accounts. Should you want to stay in touch, just send me a friend request on Discord or ask for my name on FB.

Goodbye 👋

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